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Stay Home Stay Save #sStayAtHome make good quality of social distancing for good futures

Right now our country as well as whole world are suffering from noble corona virus . As we all know that corona virus is came from china . First affected person from this virus was found in city of china .
As we all know that the intention of china we have to protect our country early from this virus but we all failed to do like that.

All over the country panic situation is created because of Covid-19 virus   .Central government take very strong decision to stop the spread of corona all over the country . They take powerful decision of lock-down all over the country for 21 days.
we all have to support this lock-down because this is for us not for political benefits.
 There are many people who try to become over-smart but this harm him and many more people related to him .

I humbly request to you all guys to stay at home and save his/her life and also his/her family from this epidemic situation.

Do not avoid the symptoms of corona virus try to consult with doctor as soon as possible .

Prevention is better than cure.

Follow the guideline given by our health minister and try to make good quality of social distance because there is only one way to protect our country that is social distancing .

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