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English Class 12th ~ Chapter 5 Should Wizard Hit Mommy –By John Updike

                         Should Wizard Hit Mommy

                                                   –By John Updike
*Should Wizard Hit Mommy by John Updike is one the best psychological stories that deals with a male chauvinist man's struggles to find his own place in the family. Jack, that is he. He has long ago idealized his mother as the best mother and believes that he is a good son and a good father

Should Wizard Hit Mommy Summary in Hindi & English| CBSE Class ...

Points to Remember
1. Jack fabricated a story to tell to his two year old daughter Jo.
2. He created a basic plot there was an animal named Roger, a small creature.
3. The animal had a problem which was to be solved by the wizard.
4. The wizard solved the problem and sent the animal to the wise owl to guide him how to get the required pennies.
5. Jack told Jo a story about Roger Skunk who smelled so bad that the other animals ran away from him.
6. Roger Skunk went to the wizard who changed his foul smell to sweet smell of roses.
7. The wizard sent him to the wise owl to collect the required pennies.
8. Roger Skunk was ecstatic and ran to the jungle to play with other animals, who loved his smell very much.
9. When he reached his house, his mother detected the new smell and scolded him for the new smell.
10. The mother scolded Roger Skunk and took him to the wizard.
11. Roger's mother shouted at the wizard and hit him hard over the head.
12. The little Roger got the foul smell again and was very sad.
13. Jo did not like the behaviour of the mommy and wanted her father to hit mommy.
14. Jo's mother is annoyed at Jack's taking so much time in telling the story.
15. Jack is in confusion whether to go to help his wife in her work or to change the end of the story of his daughter.

Short Answer Questions
1. How did the wizard help Roger Skunk?
Ans. The wizard was moved by Roger skunk's story. On finding his magic wand - chanted some magic words & granted that Roger should smell like roses.
2. How did Roger Skunk's Mommy react when he went home smelling of roses? How did the Skunk's mother get him his old smell back?
Ans. Roger Skunk began to smell like roses. Mommy asked about the smell. Roger Skunk replied that the wizard had made him smell like that the mother did not like that and asked Roger to come with her. Mother was furious to learn about the wizard who changed the original smell. She immediately visited the wizard and hit him on his head and asked him to restore the original smell.
3. Who is Jo? How did Jo behave in 'reality phase'?
Ans. Jo is Jack's 4 year old daughter. She is not a patient listener. She does not take things for granted and tries to see things in her own way.

4. Why did Jo want the wizard to hit mommy?
Ans. Jo was mentally drawing a parallel between mommy skunk and her own mother. She perceived both of them as interfering factor in independent growth of their children. So, she wanted wizard to
hit mommy as she had failed to empathize with her son's (baby skunk) problem of not having anyone for his company.

5. Was Roger skunk's mother justified in forcing him to retain his original smell?
Ans. Up to some extent, I agree with the point of view of mother but not with the way she opted for. She wanted her child to retain his unique identity. But, she resented the rose smell very sternly. Rather, it should be not forced. The child should be taken in confidence before being convinced and should be made aware of the pros and cons.

6.Why did Roger Skunk go to the Wizard?
Ans.The reason behind Roger Skunk went to search for wizard due to the foul smell coming from him. Whenever he went to play with other animals, they would run away from because of his bad smell and they also gave him a nickname "Roger Stinky Skunk."

7.Why did Roger Skunk go to visit the owl?
Ans.Roger Skunk went to see the old owl to seek for advice from him. Roger skunk had a foul body odour because of which other small animals avoided playing with him. Hence, he wanted to get rid of the foul smell so that his friends would like him and play with him.

8.How did the Wizard fulfil young Skunk's wish?
Ans.The wizard casted a magic spell on the young roger skunk and changed his awful smell to that of the pleasant smell of roses.

9.What was the cause of Roger Skunk's sadness?
Ans.Roger Skunk was sad because all other animals used to run away from him. His body emanated a very bad smell and so no one wished to stay near him.

10.Do you think that the father in the story is more or less, an alter ego of the author, as far as the child is concerned? Why?
Ans.John Updike's childhood was tortured by 'psoriasis' and 'stammering' and he had to suffer humiliation and ridicule at the hands of his classmates on account of this.

11.Why was Skunk happy after meeting the Wizard?
Roger Skunk was unhappy with his unpleasant smell because of which no other creature played with him. He went to the Wizard to seek a solution for this problem. After listening to his misery, the Wizard invited him in and with the help of his magic wand made him smell like roses.

12.What was unique about story that Jack told?
Ans.Although there was a little variation in each story that Jack told his child, the central character always had the same name Jack. ... Also, all stories had a Wizard and a wise owl as its primary characters. Whenever Roger had a problem, it went to the owl who directed the creature to the Wizard.

Long Answer Questions
1. How does Jo want the story to end? Why?
Ans. Children have a very different view of life than that of adults. They dream and live in their imaginative world. Jo does not like the ending that mommy should hit the wizard. Rather she wants that the Wizard should hit the Mommy for her failure to realize the problems of Roger Skunk. She calls her 'Stupid Mommy" and insists for a change in
the storyline. She has got sympathy for Roger Skunk. She thinks it to be unfair on the part of Roger Skunk's Mommy to go to Wizard and get Roger smell bad again.

2. Drawing inference from lesson "Should Wizard Hit Mommy",elucidate perception of imposing parents?
Ans. In the lesson 'should wizard hit mommy', mother skunk was not supporting the idea of changed identity of baby skunk. The story presents that Roger skunk felt alienated because of his bad smell. The elders failed to recognize his feelings and pain. His mother vehemently opposed the changed smell though it was pleasant to smell. She perceived the stink as unique characteristic means the individuality. But, her reaction was impulsive. Taking a clue from thoughtful parenting, she could respond in a subtle manner. So as to make the child to understand her point of view. A healthy discussion in an amiable environment leads to
agreeable solution. It is always preferable to adopt time tested strategies of give and take to make people convince.

3.What is Jack's way of telling stories? Why is it appealing?
Ans.Jack was a caring and loving father. He was a good story teller too. His stories were interesting and hold the listeners till the end. He includes the characters who are related with his life. His stories were full of imaginations and creations. Each story was slightly different from previous one which describe about a character named Roger who had some problem.

He used to create such a story which explain the morals and ethics to his child. He also kept in his mind that his daughter is growing and so, he always tried to match his story level with that of his growing daughter.


What is the moral issue that the story raises?

Ans.The story raises the moral issue that there is a sharp contrast between an adult’s perspective of life and the worldview of a little child and whether should parents be followed blindly.

Hatred and injustice have no place in the world of children. Jo believes that the happiness of being able to make friends surpassed any other thing,so, she is unable to assess the reason why the mother skunk pressurized her child to get his original foul body odour restored.

Jack, a typical father, wanted his daughter to believe that parents are always correct and they know what is best for their children

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