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English Class 12th ~ Chapter 2 The Tiger King –By Kalki

                          The Tiger King

                                                                    –By Kalki

The Tiger King 🐅| CH - 2 | Vistas | Class 12th | Complete Summary ...


The story ‘The Tiger King’ is a satire on the pride and stubbornness of those in power. The writer takes us to the days of autocratic and eccentric kings. These kings lived under the thumb rule of British, hence they fear them. Most of the time the rulers were not interested in serving the people and working for the welfare of the public; instead they spent their time in foolish pursuits. They flouted all laws and bent them to suit their selfish interests. The Maharaja of Pratibandapuram tried to belie what was written in his fate. The chief astrologer had predicted that the cause of his death would be a tiger. The King tried his best to belie the prediction. His campaign of tiger-hunting was very successful. All his strategies and wise plans worked till he killed 99 tigers. But the hundredth tiger eluded him till his death. The irony of fate brings quite an unexpected end of the Maharaja. The hero who killed ninety nine tigers couldn’t kill the only one that was left. The last tiger he thought to be dead survived. The King’s bullet had missed its mark. Ironically, the hundredth tiger which caused his death was not a ferocious beast of blood and flesh. It was a wooden tiger. One of the slivers of wood pierced his right hand and caused infection and a suppurating sore. It ultimately led to his death.


Animals and birds are as much part of the nature as human beings. The destruction or haphazard killing of one species may not only lead to its extinction, but it will adversely affect the ecological balance. Those animals which serve as food for the wild animals, will increase in large number, if the beast of prey are wiped out. Each species, howsoever fierce, deadly, ferocious or poisonous has its role in maintaining ecological balance in nature.


  1. The Tiger King: a hero of the story, the Maharaja of Pratibandhpuram, also known as His Highness Jamedar, General Khiledar-Major, Sata-Vyaghra samhari, Maharajadhiraja Visva Bhuvana samrat, Sir Jilani Jung Jung Bahadur, M.A.D., A.C.T.C., or C.R.C.K.
  1. Crown prince: a ten day old baby who later became the Maharaja of Pratibandhpuram.
  2. Chief astrologer: a royal foreteller of the state.
  3. Durai: means “chief, leader” in Tamil.
  4. A British high ranking officer & his secretary
  5. Dewan: a chief administrative office of the Maharaja.
  6. Duraisani: the wife of the high ranking British officer, a greedy woman who takes all the 50 or so diamond rings for herself.


The Maharaja Sir Jilani Jung Jung Bhadur was called “Tiger King”. When he was just 10 day old, he asked intelligent questions to the astrologers and was told that he would be killed by a tiger. He uttered “Let tigers beware!” No other miracle took place, the child grew like any other Royal child drinking white cow’s milk. He was taught by an English tutor and looked after by an English nanny. He watched English films. When he was 20, he was crowned as king. It was then the prediction of his death by the tiger reached the Maharaja’s ear and he in turn to safe guard himself killed a tiger and being thrilled he told the astrologer who replied that he can kill 99 tigers but should be careful with the 100th. He pledged that all other affairs of the state would be attended after killing the hundred tigers. Then he started killing tigers. None except Maharaja was allowed to hunt tigers. A high-ranking British officer visited the state that was fond of hunting tigers and his wish was declined. The officer requested for getting a photograph with a tiger killed by Maharaja and this request was rejected. So to please the officer’s wife, he sent 50 diamond rings expecting that she would take one or two, instead she kept all the rings costing 3 lakh rupees and sent ‘thanks’ to the Maharaja. But his state was secured. In 10 years, he killed 70 tiger and didn’t find any in Pratibandapuram so he decided to marry a girl from royal state which had more tigers to complete his target. Whenever he visited his in-laws, he killed 5-6 tigers. So he killed 99 tigers and was feverishly anxious to kill the 100th but couldn’t find. News about the presence of a tiger near a village proved disappointing. He asked his Dewan to find the tiger otherwise face his anger. Now the Dewan was afraid of losing his job so he visited ‘People’s Park in Madras’ and brought an old tiger and placed it in the forest and informed the Maharaja. The Maharaja took great care and shot the tiger and left the place with great triumph. The bullet did not hit the tiger but out of fear the tiger had collapsed. Now the staff killed the tiger and brought it in grand procession. It was the third birthday of the Maharaja’s son and he wanted to buy a present from the toyshop. He bought a wooden tiger which was poorly carved. While the Maharaja was playing with the prince, a tiny sliver of the wooden tiger pierced his right hand which later on caused his death. Thus the hundredth tiger takes his final revenge upon the “Tiger King”.

Points to Remember
1. Maharaja Pratibandhpuram born as an extra-ordinary child
2. Prediction about his death due to a tiger.
3. Ten day old child surprises all by his intelligent questions.
4. The child is brought up like an English child.
5. The Prince grows up and becomes a great king.
6. The king decides to kill a tiger.
7. But the chief astrologer warns him that he will be killed by the
hundredth tiger.
8. He started killing tigers and thus killed seventy tigers.
9. He marries to a princess whose kingdom boasted of the tigers.
10. He killed ninety nine tigers.
11. But he was unable to find one more tiger.
12. The Dewan brought an old and feeble tiger from the zoo.
13. The tiger king aimed at it but it fainted. The king thought that he
killed hundred tigers.
14. After the king went away the tiger opened its eyes.
15. One of the hunters killed it.
16. The tiger was honoured and taken in a procession.
17. The king purchased a wooden tiger for his son.
18. It sliver pierced the hand of the king.
19. The king died.


1. What was the miracle that took place in the royal palace?
Ans. When the Maharaja was a 10 day old infant, he spoke and asked intelligent questions about his death. After knowing that he would be killed by a tiger he uttered saying "Let tigers beware."
2. How was the Tiger King brought up?
Ans. As a child the Tiger King was brought up by an English nanny and tutored in English by an Englishman. He was given the milk of an English cow. He watched only English movies.
3. What did the State astrologer say he would do 'if the hundredth tiger were also killed'?
Ans. The State astrologer was so sure of his prediction that he announced that he would cut off his ceremonial tuft, crop his hair short and become an insurance agent in case the king was able to kill the 100th tiger, too. He was sure that the Maharaja's death would be caused by the 100th tiger.
4. What did the high-ranking British officer wish to do? Was his wish fulfilled?
Ans. The high-ranking British Officer wanted to kill a tiger. He was denied the permission for hunting. He sent a word to the king that he would be happy if he was allowed to get photographed with the carcass of a tiger killed by the king. His wish remained unfulfilled.
5. How did the maharaja get more tigers to kill, when he had killed all the tigers in his kingdom?
Ans. Left with no other alternative, king thought of getting married into a royal family. His criteria for selecting a bride was only that his-in- laws' estate should have sufficient number of tigers. Finally, he found his desired match. He pursued his one point program of meeting the tally of hundred tigers.

6. How and why was the hundredth tiger honoured?
Ans. King had ordered that the hundredth tiger should be brought in city with a procession and a tomb should be built over its mortal remains.It was to commemorate killing of hundredth tiger, his sole motive of life. After killing the hundredth tiger the king was very much relieved and had a sense of achievement.

7.How did the 'duraisani' behave on receiving the gifts?
Ans. Some fifty samples of expensive diamond rings were sent to the duraisani and it was expected that she would select one or two and return the rest. But the lady proved to be greedy as she retained all of them and merely sent a letter of thanks.

8. Why did the Maharaja's tiger killing mission come to a sudden halt?
Ans. The Maharaja Tiger killing mission came to sudden Steel because the Tigers in the pratibandapuram where extinct. there are no more tigers left in the village. Maharaja sank in gloom as 30 more tigers were still left to complete the mission.

9.Why did Maharaja order the Dewan to double the tax?
Ans. The maharaja called the dewan and ordered him to immediately double the tax of the villagers who had informed him of a tiger in the forest because despite his best efforts he was unable to locate the beast . this infuriated and frustrated the maharaja.

10.What did the Maharaja buy as a birthday gift for his son?
Ans. The Maharaja wished to give his son a very special gift on his birthday and he bought a wooden toy tiger as a perfect birthday gift for his son.

11.How did the king's hand become seriously infected?
Ans. he king's arm had got infected from a prick caused by one of the slivers on the wooden tiger. In one day, the infection got flared in the Maharaja's right hand and in four days it developed into a suppurating sore which spread all over the arm.
12.How did the tiger king acquire his name?
Ans. The Tiger King acquired his name as he had killed all the tigers in his state to prove the prediction of the astrologer wrong. He even married the princess of a state that had a lot of tigers in its jungles so that he could kill them.

13.What predictions did the astrologers make at the birth of the Tiger King?
Ans . The astrologers predicted that the newly-born prince will grow up to become the hero of the heroes, brave of the bravest and a great warrior. He also predicted that the baby was born in the hour of the bull. The bull and the tiger were enemies. 

14. What steps were initiated by the Maharaja in order to ban the tiger killing in his state?
Ans. As the prince was crowned the king, the astrologer's prediction regarding his (the king's) death by a tiger reached his ears. Thus, in order to reach that mark, the Maharaja banned tiger hunting in the state except for himself.
15.How was Maharaja able to save his kingdom?
Ans.The Maharaja did manged to retain his kingdom by sending the British officer 50 expensive diamond rings with 3 lakh rupees and duraisami accepted them all though the minister and king were expecting that they would choose just one or two and sent the rest back
16.Why did the Maharaja decide to marry?
Ans. Maharaja decided to marry a royal girl because she had tigers in her estate. Till that time, he had killed seventy tigers and needed thirty more to be killed. In order to achieve his target, he decided to get married. In order to defeat the astrologer's prophecy, the Maharaja had to kill a hundred tigers.
17.Why did the Dewan take the tiger to the forest? How?
Ans.At the strict warning given by the Maharaja, the Dewan saw the tiger and brought it from the People's Park in Madras. He hit it in his house. ... He drew the car to the forest and forcibly pushed it down to the ground in the forest where the Maharaja was hunting

18.How did the tiger taken by Dewan meet his end?
Ans.his infuriated the Maharaja, who ordered the dewan to double the land tax in order to punish the villagers for the false news. Answer. The Tiger King met his end through the wooden tiger, which he had bought as a gift for his son on his third birthday.

19.How did the tiger king celebrate his victory over the killing of the hundredth tiger?
Ans.The Maharaja thought that he had killed the hundredth tiger. ... He ordered the tiger to be brought to the capital in grand procession. The deadtiger was taken in a procession through the town. It was buried and a tomb was erected over it.


1. How did the Tiger King meet his end? What is ironical about his death?
How did the prediction of the chief astrologer come true, though he had killed the hundred tigers?
Ans. It was the 3rd birthday of the Maharaja's son and he wanted to buy a present from the toy shop. He bought a wooden tiger which was poorly carved by an unskilled carpenter. It had a rough surface with tiny slivers of wood standing up like quills all over it, his arm got infacted. In four days, it developed into a suppurating sore and spread all over the arm. The king died while being operated upon. The king's death is ironical but not surprising. Having 'killed' the 100th tiger, the tking is thrilled for he has fulfilled his vow and disproved the prediction of the royal astrologer. He is now at ease for he thinks he cannot die of a tiger's attack. No wonder, he orders the 'dead' tiger to be taken in a procession though the town and gets a tomb erected over it. All this while he does not know that the 100th victim was not killed by him but by other hunters. That is indeed quite ironical. Death is lurking around him and the king is unaware of it. Again, it is ironical that a king who has killed 100 tigers and is bold and fearless dies of a mere sliver on the body of a wooden tiger. Thus, ironically death does come to him from a tiger.
2. How flattery is eating into roots of our society and polity? Explain taking reference from 'The Tiger King".
Ans. Flattery is evident in almost all places. It basicaly satisfies the ego of person who is being treated in lofty terms. With words and gestures a false world is created around so as to befool that fellow. Actually the person frames unrealistic ideas about himself and falls prey to the sweetened pills. Wrong deeds are committed so as to meet the self interest. The genuine people are ignored at the cost of fake ones. It checks the healthy growth of relationships and whence the development of society. The real cause and issues are left behind and pretension prevail. This whole idea unfolds in Tiger King in a humorous manner - to appease the king, Courtier had not spared a chance to fulfill his whims and fancies. Such sort of administration leads to ultimate fall of estate. King met his end on operation table at the hands of his saviors i.e., doctors.

3.Write down the character sketch of The Tiger King.
Ans. The Maharaja of Pratibandapuram, Sir Jilani Jung Jung Bahadur, had many titles and sub-names. But he was popular as the Tiger King. The chief astrologer predicted that his death would come from a tiger.

Crown prince Jung Jung Bahadur grew taller and stronger day by day. He was brought up by an English governess. He was tutored in English by an Englishman. When he grew to twenty he took the reign in his hands.

The Maharaja continued his campaign of tiger-hunting with rare singlemindedness. Within a span of ten years he killed 70 tigers. It was his master strategy to marry a girl of a state which had a large tiger population. So he was able to kill 99 tigers in all.

The Tiger King could pay any price to maintain his kingdom. He had to give a bribe worth three lakh rupees to a high ranking British official to retain his kingdom.

The Maharaja knew how to take work from his minions. He used the dewan to find out the suitable girl for his marriage. He could be hot-headed and doubled the tax on the people. He also threatened the dewan to dismiss him from his service. It is ironical that the King met his death by a wooden tiger. At last, the hundredth tiger took revenge upon him.

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