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Class 12 English FLAMINGO – PROSE ~ Chapter 8 Going Places

                                        Going Places 
Going Places Summary Class 12 English

Going Places Introduction to the lesson

The story revolves around a teenage girl Sophie, her family and friends. She is a daydreamer, who is always lost in her dreams of becoming rich and sophisticated though in reality she is a worker at biscuit factory. The story suddenly twists up when Sophie make a wild imagination of meeting Danny Casey, a famous footballer. She also makes a story in front of her brother that Casey will come to meet her on a fixed day as per a promise he made to her. 

Going Places Summary

Sophie and Jansie are two teenagers who are coming back from school. They both work in a biscuit factory. Sophie is lost in her imaginations of owning a boutique shop and becoming famous like Mary Quaint, a fashion designer. Jansie tells her not to dream big as it requires lots of money which they don’t have. To this she replies that she will become an actress, earn a lot and then own a boutique. Jansie being a realistic person does not support her thoughts. On reaching home Sophie feels choked in that small house which is full of the stove’s steam and looks untidy because of the dirty dishes. Her father is eating and her mother is busy in the kitchen. She goes to meet her elder brother Geoff, who is a trainee mechanic and is busy repairing some motorcycle part. Geoff talks very less about his personal life which made her imagine of his personal life which she considers very interesting and wants to be part of it. She shares a secret with him that she met Danny Casey the famous footballer in a boutique. Her brother and her father do not believe her. But she tries to make them believe this. She also tells her brother about her date with Casey. Her brother does not believe her but gives her a chance to believe her story. On Saturday Sophie and her family go to watch a football match as all of them are great fans of football. Their favorite team wins due to a goal made by Casey. All of them feel so overjoyed. When Sophie returns home with her little brother Derek, Jansie questions her about the reality behind her meeting with Danny Casey. Sophie gets angry with her brother because of letting her secret out but tries to handle the situation and succeeds. She then visits a secret place near a canal to meet her hero Casey who doesn’t show up. She knows that it was just her imagination but she was so lost in his love that she doesn’t want to come out of this. In the end she returns back to her home with sadness in her heart. But when she comes across the Royce’s boutique, she again finds herself lost in her hero’s dreams.

Q1- Who is A. R. Barton?
A) A modern writer
B) author of Going Places
C) lives in Zurich and writes in English
D) All these

Q2- What theme does Barton explore in this story?
A) theme of children's happiness
B) theme of adolescent fantasising and hero worship
C) theme of elderly people's happiness
D) theme of individual happiness

Q3- What is the sub theme of the story?
A) Relationships- family and friends
B) friends
C) family members
D) adolescents

Q4- What is the significance of the subject discussed in the lesson?
A) it tells how to deal with friends
B) it tells how to behave smartly
C) immediate relevance to the life of school leavers
D) it tells how to behave with elderly

Q5- What are the literary devices used in the lesson?
A) metaphorical expressions and slangs
B) similes
C) irony
D) none

Q6- what is the meaning of the word “chuffed”?
A) meaning delighted or very pleased
B) meaning not happy
C) meaning frustated
D) none

Q7- what is the meaning of the words :“nosey”, “gawky”?
A) “nosey”, meaning inquisitive and “gawky”, meaning awkward, ungainly.
B) noisy and beautiful
C) noisy and useful
D) noisy and gainful

Q8- The story Going Places revolve around whom?
A) a fat boy
B) an old couple
C) a teenage girl Sophie, her family and friends
D) none

Q9- What kind of girl is Sophie ?
A) a happy go lucky kind
B) a realistic
C) Day dreamer
D) a naughty child

Q10- What is Sophie in reality?
A) a dreamer
B) a fighter
C) a worker at Biscuit factory
D) none

Q11- What does Sophie dream about?
A) Becoming an actor
B) becoming a manager
C) a sophisticated person
D) becoming rich and sophisticated

Q12- What is the turning point in the story?
A) when she fights with her brother.
B) when her father gets angry.
C) when her brorher reveals her story.
D) when she thinks of meeting Danny Casey- a famous football player

Q13- What story she make up in front of her brother?
A) She will become an actress
B) she will become a manager
C) she will be a famous beautician
D) Casey will come to meet her.

Q14 Who are Sophie and Jansie?
A) teenagers who are friends and classmates
B) neighbourers
C) colleagues
D) actors

Q15- Explain - Words had to be prized out of him like stones out of a ground.
A) ii was difficult to speak to him
B) it was difficult to locate him in a shop
C) it was difficult to locate him in factory
D) it was difficult to get information out of him

Q16- Where is Sophie lost?
A) in her imagination
B) in her dreams
C) in her words
D) in her imagination and dream of owning a boutique shop to become a famous fashion designer

Q17 What does Jansie tell Sophie?
A) talk unrealistic
B) be wise
C) be practical
D) be sensible and not to dream big

Q18- Why does Jansie discourage Sophie to dream big?
A) because it requires a lot of money
B) because it is not practical
C) because it is unrealistic
D) all these

Q19- What was Sophie's reply to Jansie?
A) That she will go door to door to collect money
B) She will open a boutique
C) she will open an office
D) she will become an actress or a manager to realize her dream.

Q20- Why does she want to be an actress?
A) to earn money
B) to be famous
C) to be a fashiondesigner
D) to earn a lot of money and open a boutique to be famous fashion designer.

Q21- Why is Jansie not able to support Sophie's view?
A) because he is a happy go lucky man
B) because his imagination is poor
C) because he is unable to believe
D) because he is a realistic and believes in practicality

Q22- Why does Sophie feel choked in the house?
A) because of stove's steam and dirtydishes
B) because of foul smell
C) because of smoke
D) because of no air

Q23- Who is Sophie's elder brother?
A) Geoffe - a trainee mechanic
B) Jansie
C) Dany Casey
D) none

Q24- Explain- On Saturday they made their weekly pilgrimage to the United
A) repairing stove
B) repairing a car
C) repairing a cooler
D) went to the United dutifully with a lot of devotion

Q25- What secret did Sophie share with her brother?
A) She met Mary Quaint a famous fashion designer
B) She met Prime Minister
C) She met Christopher
D) She met Danny Casy a famous footballer

Q26- When does Sophie and her family go to watch the football match?
A) Sunday morning
B) Sunday evening
C) Sunday afternoon
D) Saturday

Q27- Which game are Sophie and her family fans of ?
A) cricket
B) Badminton
C) volleyball
D) football

Q28- Why did their favourite team win the match?
A) Because they played well
B) they were united
C) they planned well
D) because of the goal made by Casey

Q29- Who is Sophie's younger brother?
A) Geoffe - a trainee mechanic
B) Casey
C) Frank
D) Derek

Q30- What does Jansie ask Sophie?
A) about Danny Casey
B) about Mary Quaint
C) about her dream
D) the reality behind her meeting with Danny Casey

Q31- Why does Sophie get angry with her brother?
A) Because he revealed her secret to Jansie's brother
B) he doesn't speak to her
C) because of his silence
D) none
Correct Answer: A

Q32- Where does Sophie visit to meet Casey in her imagination?
A) a football ground
B) in the match
C) in a hotel
D) a secret place near canal

Q33- Sophie's dreams and disappointments are all in her mind?
A) they all represent her imagination and nothing in reality
B) they represent her nature
C) they explain her personality
D) they tell us her future

Q34- What are the advantages and disadvantages of fantasising?
A) helps in dreaming big
B) helps in achieving big
C) develops creative imagination and disadvantage is that it makes people self obsessed.
D) none of these

Q35- What kind of person is Sophie's father ?
A) a kind hearted
B) a loving and caring
C) a hard core realistic
D) carefree

Q36- Why did Sophie like her brother Geoff more than anyone else?
A) he keeps silent
B) because he keeps her secret
C) because she can confide in him
D) all these

Q37- What does Geoff's silence symbolise in Sophie's view?
A) distant places
B) his vague personality
C) his jovial nature
D) wandering of his mind to distant places

Q38- Which country did Danny play for?
A) Netherland
B) Newzealand
C) Switzerland
D) Ireland

Q39- Why does Sophie feel jealous of her brother?
A) because he keeps silent
B) because he is a mechanic
C) because he reveals his secret
D) because of inability to reach unknown areas of his mind

Q40- Why is Sophie attracted to Danny and does she meet him in reality?
A) Because he is a heroic footballer and she meets him in imagination only
B) because he earns well
C) because he plays football
D) because he is smart


Going Places Question and Answers

Q1- Sophie and Jansie were class-mates and friends. What were the differences between them that show up in the story?
A1-Sophie and Jansie were totally opposite of each other though they were friends. Sophie was always lost in her dreams. She wanted to lead a life full of luxury and sophistication. She dreamt of owning a boutique, be like Mary Quaint or an actress and wanted to become rich and famous. On the other hand, Jansie was a girl who had a realistic approach towards life. She knew that they came from a poor family and were working in a small factory. Therefore, she did not involve herself in daydreams like Sophie. Rather she tried to teach her that such dreams required a lot of money and a meager salary from the factory was not enough to fulfill such dreams.

Q2- How would you describe the character and temperament of Sophie’s father?
A2-Sophie’s father is a plump and aggressive person. Sophie fears his anger. He doesn’t believe in the wild stories of his daughter but as a caring father, he reminds her not to make such stories as this could lead her to trouble. He is a football fan because he visits the football ground with his kids, every Saturday, to watch his favorite team ‘United’ play the match. He also wishes Danny Casey to become like Finney and enjoys the winning of his team by visiting the pub.

Q3- Why did Sophie like her brother Geoff more than any other person? From her perspective, what did he symbolise?
A3- Geoff was an introvert type of person and so he spoke less about himself. This made Sophie like him as she thought that he visited some secret places that were full of interesting people. So, she tried to win his affection in order to get a chance to ride with him to that special place where she would visit by wearing a beautiful yellow dress. She also imagined of being welcomed by the crowd there. Sophie wanted to live that beautiful life which was full of colours and happiness that Geoff lived but she could not.

Q4- What socio-economic background did Sophie belong to? What are the indicators of her family’s financial status?
A4- Sophie belonged to a lower middle class family. She lived in a small house with her family. When she returned home from school, she felt uncomfortable because of the steam and the untidy look of her house. Her mother was stooping because of the burden of the work she did. Her father was a labourer and her elder brother was a mechanic. She also worked in a biscuit factory in order to support her family. Such things indicated that Sophie belonged to a lower middle class family.

Question.1. Why is Sophie attracted to Danny Casey? (Compartment 2014)
Answer. Danny Casey is a young and successful football player from Ireland. He is also quite handsome, which adds to his popularity among his fans, especially young giris of Sophie’s age. Naturally, Sophie is attracted to him. Besides, her family members are also huge football fans and Casey is a hero for them.
Question.2. How are Jansie and-Sophie different from each other? (Compartment 2014)
Answer. Jansie and Sophie have contrasting characters and an altogether different approach towards life. Jansie is quite practical and her feet are grounded in reality, whereas Sophie is a daydreamer and lives in an imaginary world. Jansie is mature and accepts the truth that people of their stature can only become workers in a biscuit factory. On the other hand, Sophie tries to escape from reality and dreams of becoming an actress, a manager or a fashion designer.

Question.3. Why did Sophie long for her brother’s affection? (All India 2014)
Why did Sophie like her brother Geoff more than any other person? (Delhi 2013)
Answer. Sophie found in her brother, Geoff a patient listener to all her fantasies and also one she could confide in. The otjier members of her family and even her friend Jansie made fun of her fantastic stories. This made her quite fond of Geoff. She also looked upon Geoff as someone widely travelled. His world remained a fascination for her and she longed that someday he might take her thera
Question.4. Did Geoff keep up his promise? How do you know? (All India 2013)
Did Geoff keep his promise to Sophie? How do you know? (Delhi 2011)
Answer. Geoff didn’t keep his promise to Sophie. Sophie told Geoff about her meeting with Danny Casey at the Royce’s. Geoff told the story to Frank who in turn told his sister, Jansie, about it. However, Geoif never revealed the full story, as he did not tell anyone about Sophie’s supposed’date’with Danny Casey.

Question.5. Why was Sophie jealous of Geoff’s silence?
Answer. Geoff never spoke much. Sophie always pondered over the areas of his life which he never talked about. His world remained a fascination for her. She felt that when he was not speaking, his mind was away at some unknown place, and so she felt jealous of him.
Question.6. Why did Sophie not want Jansie to know anything about her meeting with Danny
Casey? (All India 2012)
Why didn’t Sophie want Jansie to know about her story with Danny? (Delhi 2011)
Answer. Sophie did not want Jansie to know anything about her meeting with Danny Casey because she knew that Jansie was a blabber mouth. The moment Jansie knew of someone’s secret, the whole neighbourhood would get to know of it. Sophie did not want to be ridiculed before others.
Question.7. How did Sophie’s father react when Geoff told him about her meeting with Danny
Casey?(Delhi 2011)
Answer. Sophie’s father is a realist to the core. He does not believe in Sophie’s story at all and dismisses it as another of her wild fantasies. When Geoff tells him about Sophie’s chance encounter with Danny Casey, the Irish prodigy, he expresses disdain and rubbishes her story. He changes the topic by saying that he once knew a man who knew another famous English footballer named Tom Finney. He warns Sophie that such concocted stories would land her intp trouble some day.
Question.8. What thoughts came to Sophie’s mind as she sat by the canal? (All India 2011)
Answer. Sophie felt doubts stirring inside her, as she sat by the canal waiting for Danny Casey. When she saw no sign of him, she remembered Geoff’s words that Casey would not come. She wonders what she would tell her family. She thinks that Geoff would be disappointed. She is saddened by the fact that she will never be able to show her family that they are wrong to cast doubts on her.
Question.9. Which was the only occasion when Sophie got to see Danny Casey in person?
(All India 2011)
Answer. The only occasion when Sophie got to see Danny Casey in person was when she went to watch the match with her family. Sitting amongst the spectators, Sophie saw Casey from a distance. The power of her imagination was such that she concocted a story of her brief encounter with him and almost got an autograph from him.
Question.10.Why did Jansie discourage Sophie from entertaining thoughts about the sports- star,
Danny Casey? (All India 2011)
Answer. Jansie was a realist, and not a daydreamer like Sophie. She discouraged Sophie from having such dreams because her dreams were wild and impossible. She had neither the means nor the skills to achieve them. She feels sad because she knows that both of them will have to work at the biscuit factory after they pass out of school. It was preposterous for her to live in such a dream world and it could lead to depression or low self-esteem.

Question.11.Why did Sophie wriggle when Geoff told her father that she had met Danny Casey?
(Foreign 2011)
Answer. When Geoff told her father about Sophie’s chance encounter with Danny Casey, Sophie wriggled because she knew that her father wouldn’t believe it. Her father was a practical, realistic person and Sophie was sure that he would be angry with her and reprimand her for concocting such stories. She feared that she would have to add more details to the story to make it sound authentic.
Question.12.”Damn that Geoff, this was Geoff thing, not a Jansie thing,” Why did Sophie say so?
(Delhi 2010)
Answer. Sophie knew that her classmate Jansie poked her nose into every matter, She was a rumour monger. Jansie came to know about the Sophie-Casey encounter through Frank, her brother, who was friends with Geoff. Sophie was annoyed with Geoff because this story was meant only for him. Sophie knew that Jansie would spread this information like wildfire and it could draw lots of people to her house to enquire about Casey.
Question.13.Does Geoff believe what Sophie says about her meeting with Danny Casey?
(All India 2010)
Answer. Geoff does not believe Sophie’s story about her meeting with Danny Casey, the Irish football star. Although he had a strong bond with his sister, as she shared all her secrets with him, he dismissed the whole story as a most unlikely thing. He does not hesitate to tell her that Casey would never keep his promise of meeting her again to give her his autograph.
Question.14.What did Sophie imagine about her meeting with Danny Casey? (All India 2008)
Answer. Sophie imagines that she has met Danny Casey, the Irish football prodigy, at Royce’s. She cooks up details about his appearance and says that she asked him for an autograph but could not get it as neither of them had paper or pen. They talked for a while about the clothes in the shop. Casey promised to meet her again next week.
Long Answer Type Questions (6 Marks, 120-150 words)
Question.1. Has Sophie met Danny Casey? What details of her meeting with Danny Casey did
she narrate to her brother? (Delhi 2014 Modified)
Did Sophie really meet Danny Casey? (NCERT)
Answer. No Sophie has never re&lly met Danny Casey. She has just seen Danny Casey on the field when she went to watch team United play a football match. There, she was one of the spectators and could see Casey playing only from a distance.
However, Sophie lives in an imaginary world. Casey was a young sportstar and Sophie worshipped him as her hero. Her meeting with Casey was just another of her wild fantasies. She was so engrossed in her daydreams that what she imagined seemed real to her.
Sophie told her brother Geoff that she met Casey near Royce’s. As she was looking at the clothes, Casey came and stood beside her. She wanted to take his autograph for her younger brother’Derek, but neither of them had a pen or paper. Casey then suggested that they could meet again next week, and then he would also give his autograph.
Question.2. What were Sophie’s plans for her future? Why would you call her dreams unrealistic?
(Delhi 2014; Modified)
Answer. Sophie planned to open a boutique after she passed out of school. When Jansie told her that it would require a lot of money, she said that she would become a manager and save money ! for her boutique. She later also added that she would either become an actress or a fashion designer. For a girl from a lower middle class family such dreams are certainly far from reality. Sophie’s friend Jansie, who is quite practical, knows that they will ultimately have to work in the biscuit factory. She even dissuades Sophie from indulging in such childish fantasies. Sophie wants to materialise all those things which were simply not possible practically. Never for once in the story does the girl think practically or come out of her dream world.
Question.3. Sophie was a dreamer. The lesson ‘Going Places’ reminds us that mere dreams will
not help us to accomplish anything. What qualities, do you think, would help Sophie to realise her dreams? (Foreign 2014)
Answer. Sophie lives in a world of dreams, which is far from reality. It is not unreasonable to have high hopes and ambitions for one’s future, but such dreaming can be justified only when one is prepared to work hard to realise one’s dreams.
Sophie too needs to work hard to achieve her dreams, instead of just imagining a bright and successful future for herself, or fantasising about her meeting with Danny Casey. She should accept the reality that she belongs to a middle class working family. Initially, she would face some difficulties because of her poor financial condition, but if she persists with sincere devotion, she could certainly raise her status to the level from where she would actually have the company of successful .people like Danny Casey. Besides, with better educational qualifications, increased opportunities, hard work and more savings, she could even own a boutique in futufe.
Question.4. Attempt a character sketch of Sophie as a woman who lives in her dreams. (Delhi 2012)
Answer. Sophie has been portrayed as the central character in the story ‘Going Places’. She perfectly represents the girls of her age who live in poor families.
Sophie always lives in a dream world, dreaming impossible things. The opening scene of the story clearly tells what sort of girl she is. She is not ready to accept the reality of her family’s condition and dreams of having a boutique of her own.
She makes up the story of meeting Danny Casey, a charming and upcoming footballer. Nobody believes her but she refuses to accept that it is her dream. Rather, she starts believing that she has met him and to prove that she is telling the truth, she makes up another story that she has fixed a date with him.
She is so lost in her dreams that she actually goes to the canal and waits for him. He does not show up. She knows that he will not come, but still she becomes sad. Such is the character of Sophie.
Question.5.Contrast Sophie’s real world with her fantasies. (Delhi 2009)
Answer. The story ‘Going Places’ is a journey into the dream world of the protagonist, a schoolgirl named Sophie who drifts from one dream to another. The world of dreams is so fascinating for her that even her wildest thoughts can find refuge it.
Sophie finds the reality of her life too harsh to accept. She belongs to a lower middle class family where nobody encourages her to dream of better prospects. Still she dreams of owning the best boutique, becoming a manager in some store or at other times becoming an actress or a fashion designer.
In her dream world, she visits the Royce’s, meets Danny Casey, the sports icon, and even fixes up a date with him. It’s all in her mind but she considers it true and actually waits for him to show up at a specified spot and time. The flight of her imagination is such that it flips from one dream to another, from one place to the other.

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