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Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 7. The Necklace

 Chapter 7. The Necklace

The Necklace Summary

Mme. Matilda Loisel lived in an apartment with her husband M. Loisel and was very unhappy and unsatisfied with what life had given her. She was unhappy with the apartment’s shabby walls and the worn out furniture. She was also irritated by the way her husband reacted to the home made food while she dreamt of royal dinners being served in exquisite silver dishes. They were neither rich nor poor. She had to marry a clerk in the office of the board of education just because her family couldn't afford to give her dowry. She also hated visiting her old friend Mme. Jeanne Forestier as she was a rich lady and Matilda envied her. Whenever she visited her, she became sad and cried for days together. One day when her husband returned home from work, he got an invitation to a party at the house of minister of public instruction. Contrary to his expectation, Matilda was irritated and angry and threw the card away. She was upset because she didn't have anything to wear at such an extravagant party. Her husband gave her 400 francs to buy a new dress, that he had been saving to buy a gun so that he could go hunting with his friends. After buying the dress she was sad because she did not have jewellery to make herself look more appealing and attractive. Her husband suggested that she could borrow jewellery from her friend Mme. Forestier. When Mme. Loisel went to her friend’s house and described the situation, she showed her the cupboard and asked her to choose whatever she liked. Matilda chose a precious diamond necklace which was kept in a black satin box.     
They went to the minister’s party and all the men admired her as she was looking gorgeous in her new dress and jewellery. They returned at 4 in the morning. By that time M. Loisel had already dozed off in one of the rooms with three other men. They decided to leave and couldn't find a carriage. Finally, after walking for a while, they got a carriage which dropped them right outside their door. Matilda realized that she did not have the necklace. M.Loisel went out to search the railway tracks for the necklace. M. Loisel went to the police station, cab offices and also gave an advertisement for reward to the person who returned the necklace. Meanwhile, he told his wife to tell her friend that the clasp of the necklace had broken and had given it for repair. After a week, when the necklace could not be found, they decided to replace it with a similar one. They found a similar necklace priced at 36000 francs. Fortunately M. Loisel had inherited 18000 francs from his father and the rest he borrowed.
It took them ten years to repay all the loans and in these years their lives changed drastically. They moved to a smaller apartment and removed the maid. Matilda cooked the food and washed the clothes herself. Even M. Loisel worked multiple jobs to repay the borrowed money. In these years, Mme. Loisel started looking much older, her hair badly dressed, her voice became loud and she became a normal person who would carry a basket to the grocery store, the butcher store and the fruit store to buy their daily supplies. One day she met her friend Jeanne with a child and decided to tell her the truth and explained how she was indirectly responsible for her aged looks and her living conditions. She explained how she lost the borrowed necklace and had to take a loan for replacing it. On hearing this, Jeanne told Matilda that the necklace that she had borrowed was a fake one and was not worth more than 500 francs.

Q1- Who is the author of the story "The Necklace"?
A) HG Wells
B) Robert W. Peterson
C) Guy De Maupassant
D) None of the above

Q2- She was born into a family of _____
A) Scientists
B) doctors
C) engineers
D) clerks

Q3- She always remained _____.
A) happy
B) unhappy
C) fulfilled
D) grateful

Q4- What does she think she deserves?
A) suffering
B) luxury
C) delicacies
D) both 2 and 3

Q5- What is the actual state of her family?
A) rich
B) middle-class
C) poor
D) wealhy

Q6- What tortured and angered her?
A) shabby walls
B) worn chairs
C) poverty
D) all of these

Q7- What did she dream of while having dinner?
A) elegant dinner
B) exquisite food
C) marvellous dishes
D) all of these

Q8- When would she weep for whole days?
A) after dinner
B) after lunch
C) after visiting her friend
D) any time

Q9- Who did he receive an invitation from?
A) the Minister of Public Instruction
B) the Minister of Public Health
C) the Minister of Public Safety
D) the Minister of Public Education

Q10- How did the husband expect her to react on handing her the letter?
A) happy
B) sad
C) jealous
D) none of the above

Q11- What do you mean by the word "stupefied?
A) make someone unable to think
B) make someone to think
C) to think
D) none of the above

Q12- Why did she throw away the letter?
A) she had nothing to weak
B) she had no jewellery to carry
C) she had no bag to carry
D) both A and B

Q13- What do you mean by the word "dismay"?
A) shock
B) surprise
C) concern
D) all of these

Q14- What did his face look like upon hearing the amount her wife asked from him?
A) pale
B) fine
C) unbothered
D) none of the above

Q15- What was he planning to do with the money he had saved?
A) buy her a dress
B) buy a gun for himself
C) invest somewhere
D) all of these

Q16- Did he agree to give her that money?
A) yes
B) no
C) maybe
D) none of the above

Q17- What seemed as the next problem to her?
A) not finding a dress good enough
B) having no jewels
C) there was no problem
D) none of the above

Q18- What solution did her husband come up with?
A) helping her find a dress
B) telling her to wear natural flowers in the name of jewels
C) he didn't suggest anything
D) none of the above

Q19- What solution did the come up to?
A) wearing natural flowers in the name of jewels
B) asking her friend to lend some of her jewels
C) buy some new jewellery
D) none of the above

Q20- How did she look on the day of the ball?
A) elegant
B) gracious
C) full of joy
D) all of these

Q21- What all did she do there?
A) danced with enthusiasm
B) intoxicated with pleasure
C) thought of all the admiration
D) all of these

Q22- Why did she utter a cry?
A) seeing other ladies wrapping themselves in fur
B) poverty
C) the jewels were not to be seen when she reached home
D) none of the above

Q23- What all did they do as an attempt to find the necklace?
A) he went looking for it
B) went to the police
C) posted an advertisement for ir offering a reward
D) all of these

Q24- What did they do to buy themselves time?
A) stopped answering the friend's calls
B) wrote to her that the jewel needs repair
C) distracted her from the necklace
D) none of the above

Q25- How did they pay for the new jewels?
A) using the money gave by his father
B) borrowing
C) her money
D) both 1 and 2

Q26- What all did they do to repay?
A) sent away the maid
B) change their lodgings
C) husband working the evenings and nights too
D) all of these

Q27- How long did the struggle continue for?
A) 6 months
B) 1 year
C) 2 years
D) 10 years

Q28- Did her friend recognise her years later?
A) yes
B) no
C) they did not bump into each other
D) none of the above

Q29- What did her friend say when she was told the entire story?
A) she was angry
B) she hated her for that
C) she cursed her
D) she told that hers were false

Q30- How much was the necklace actually worth?
A) forty thousand
B) thirty six thousand
C) five hundred
D) none of the above



1. What kind of a person is Mme Loisel − why is she always unhappy?


Mme. loisel is a dreamy woman. She gives much value to her dreams. She over-looks the realities of life. That is why, she is always unhappy because dreams can’t be true . She wants them to be true.

2. What kind of a person is her husband?


Her husband is a very simple hearted person. He is an ordinary person. He is a caring husband. He wants to see Mme. Loisel happy.

3. What fresh problem now disturbs Mme Loisel?


After buying a pretty dress, Mme Loisel was bothered by yet another problem. She had no jewel to adorn herself with. She said she would have a poverty-stricken look. Her husband suggested that she should wear some natural flowers. However, she refused and said that there was nothing more humiliating than to have a shabby air in the midst of rich women.

4. How is the problem solved?

Mme Loisel’s husband solved this problem. He told his wife to request her friend, Mme Forestier to lend her some jewels. When she went to Mme Forestier, the latter brought a jewel case, so that Mme Loisel could choose whichever jewels she liked.

5. What do M. and Mme Loisel do next?


When M. and Mme Loisel realized that the necklace was missing, they tried finding out where she could have lost it. They concluded that it could have been dropped in the cab. They did not know its number. Therefore, Loisel went over the track where they had walked. When he found nothing, he went to the police and to the cab offices. He even put an advertisement in the newspapers, offering a reward. He then asked Matilda to write a letter to Mme Forestier, explaining that she had broken the clasp of the necklace and would get it repaired. This gave them time to find the necklace. However, they eventually decided to replace the necklace with a new one.

6. The course of the Loisels’ life changed due to the necklace. Comment.


The course of the Loisel’s life changed due to the necklace. After replacing the lost necklace with a new one, they had to replay all the money that they had borrowed to buy the new necklace. They sent away the maid and changed their lodgings. They rented some rooms in an attic. Matilda learnt the odious work of a kitchen. She washed the dishes, soiled linen, their clothes and dishcloths. She took down the refuse to the street each morning and brought up the water, stopping at each landing to catch her breath. She went to the grocer’s, the butcher’s, and the fruiter’s, with her basket on her arm, shopping, haggling to save her money. Loisel worked in the evenings, putting the books of some merchants in order. At night, he did copying at five sous a page. This lasted for ten years, and at the end of the said period, they were able to repay their lenders.

7. What was the cause of Matilda’s ruin? How could she have avoided it?


The cause of Matilda’s ruin was her dissatisfaction with whatever life offered her. She was always unhappy. She felt that she was born for all the delicacies and luxuries. She disliked her circumstances.
She could have avoided the ruin by being content with what she had.

8. What would have happened to Matilda if she had confessed to her friend that she had lost her necklace?


If Matilda would have confessed to her friend that she had lost her necklace, she might have been in lesser trouble than what she faced after having replaced the necklace. Her friend would definitely have been angry with her. Most probably, she would have asked Matilda to replace it. She would have given her the details from where she had bought the necklace and how much it had cost her. Matilda would thus have known that the jewels in the necklace were not real diamonds. It would have cost her a far lesser amount to replace it. Matilda would thus have saved herself and her husband all the trouble they went through.
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