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Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 4. A Question of Trust

Chapter 4. A Question of Trust

A Question of Trust Summary

The story is about a 50 year old man who makes locks and lives with his housekeeper. He is a good citizen but not an honest one as he commits a robbery every year. He plans his robberies in such a way that the money he gets from there lasts him for at least an year and he is able to buy rare and expensive books with it. He buys these books because he is really fond of collecting rare and expensive books. He plans to commit a robbery at a grange named Shotover Grange. He takes all the information about the house like where the family had gone, how many servants were there in the house, what was the name of the dog, the wiring in the house, the safe in the house and even information like how much worth of jewels were there in the safe. The real twist in the story comes when he reaches the grange to commit a robbery and a woman claiming to be the owner’s wife enters. She gives him an option that she will forget that she had seen him if he opens the safe for her as she has forgotten the code of the safe and has to go to a party. He does not realize that he is opening the safe for another thief and that she is not the actual owner of the house. He leaves happily thinking that he is safe but doesn't realize the fact that he had opened the safe for someone else that too without wearing his gloves. 3 days later a police officer comes and arrests him saying that his fingerprints had been found at the shotover grange. He then realizes that he had been fooled by a lady who was herself a thief and from the same background as his. He is sent to the jail and becomes an assistant librarian. He feels angry whenever someone talks about honour among thieves as he had been cheated by one from his own community.

Q1- Who is the author of "A Question of Trust"?
A) James Herriot
B) Ruskin Bond
C) Robert Arthur
D) Victor Canning

Q2- What did everyone think about Horace Danby?
A) good
B) honest
C) both of these
D) none of these

Q3- Who did he live with?
A) wife
B) friends
C) children
D) none of the above

Q4- How old was he?
A) about 40
B) about 50
C) about 60
D) none of the above

Q5- What did he study about the house?
A) rooms and garden
B) electric wiring
C) paths
D) all of the above

Q6- Where did the family who lived in the Grange go?
A) London
B) Las Vegas
C) Los Angeles
D) none of the above

Q7- What was Horace fond of?
A) books
B) robbing
C) locks
D) none of the above

Q8- Where was the safe?
A) bedroom
B) kitchen
C) bathroom
D) drawing room

Q9- Where was the safe hidden?
A) behind a painting
B) inside an almirah
C) it was kept open
D) none of the above

Q10- "How _____ people are when they own valuable things, Horace thought"
A) selfish
B) foolish
C) lucky
D) fortunate

Q11- How did he come to know about the safe?
A) servant
B) eavesdropping
C) by spying on them
D) a magazine article

Q12- Who is talking to Horace?
A) servant
B) sherry
C) Horace himself
D) none of the above

Q13- What was Horace's first thought?
A) to kill them
B) to shout
C) to run
D) to blackmail them

Q14- Was he able to frighten her?
A) yes
B) no
C) he didn't try to
D) none of the above

Q15- How did she respond when he told her to forget she ever saw him?
A) she forgot she saw him
B) she told him she won't pretend anything like that
C) she didn't respond
D) none of the above

Q16- How does he justify his act?
A) by saying he steals for a good reason
B) by saying he steals only from those who already have plenty
C) by saying he is not harming the society
D) all of the above

Q17- What happened on the third morning?
A) he prepared a new plan
B) he ran away
C) he got arrested by the police
D) none of the above

Q18- What was the piece of evidence against him?
A) his lighter
B) his gloves
C) his fingerprints
D) all of the above

Q19- Did anyone believe his story?
A) yes
B) no
C) maybe
D) none of the above

Q20- What did the lady say about his story?
A) it was nonsense
B) it was true
C) it was a joke
D) none of the above

Q21- What makes him angry?
A) talking about the woman
B) prison
C) talking about honour among thieves
D) none of the above

Q22- What was Horace allergic to?
A) dust
B) smell of flowers
C) pollen
D) milk

Q23- Sherry is a ____.
A) woman
B) child
C) dog
D) cat

Q24- Where had the servants gone?
A) doctor
B) movie
C) shopping
D) to meet relatives

Q25- Where were the house keys kept?
A) under the pot
B) hung on a hook
C) under the doormat
D) in the letter box
Correct Answer:B

Q26- What colour dress was the woman wearing?
A) red
B) black
C) green
D) white

Q27- How did Horace think that she was the owner's wife?
A) She was confident
B) She knew the place well
C) Sheery rubbed against her
D) All of them

Q28- Why did the woman want him to break the lock of the safe?
A) she wanted him to steal
B) she had forgotten the numbers
C) she wanted to see if he could break it
D) none of these

Q29- Who stole the jewels?
A) Horace
B) Sherry
C) the woman
D) all of them

Q30- What does Horace do in jail?
A) Clean floor
B) Assistant Librarian
C) Typist
D) Accountant



1. What does Horace Danby like to collect?


Horace Danby liked to collect rare and expensive books.

2. Why does he steal every year?


He stole every year so that he could buy the rare and expensive books that he loved to collect. Each year, he planned carefully, stole enough to last twelve months, and secretly bought the books, through an agent.

3. Who is speaking to Horace Danby?


A lady standing in the doorway was speaking to Horace Danby. She was young and pretty, and was dressed in red. She said she had come just in time, or else her family would have been robbed by Horace. She, thus, pretended to be one of the members of the family living at Shotover Grange.

4. Who is the real culprit in the story?


The real culprit was the woman who pretended to be a member of the family living at Shotover Grange. She tricked Horace into believing her, and cleverly took away all the jewels that were kept in the safe.

5. Did you begin to suspect, before the end of the story, that the lady was not the person Horace Danby took her to be? If so, at what point did you realize this, and how?


Yes, one does begin to suspect before the end of the story that the lady was not the person Horace Danby took her to be. She was unusually calm on seeing Horace. This seemed strange enough. When she did not call the police, and instead asked Horace to take out all the jewels from the safe, even if it meant breaking it open, it seemed suspicious. Moreover, it also seemed unlikely that she would forget the numbers to open the safe. Therefore, it was evident, before the story ended, that the lady was not the person Horace had taken her to be.

6. What are the subtle ways in which the lady manages to deceive Horace Danby into thinking she is the lady of the house? Why doesn’t Horace suspect that something is wrong?


Her confident walk, her act of touching up her make-up and the ease with which she picks cigarette from the right place are enough to deceive anybody. Horace was too frightened to think properly so he didn’t suspect anything.

7. “Horace Danby was good and respectable − but not completely honest”. Why do you think this description is apt for Horace? Why can’t he be categorized as a typical thief?


“Horace Danby was good and respectable − but not completely honest”. This description is apt for Horace. He was about fifty years old. He robbed only from rich people, and his purpose was to buy rare and expensive books with the money. He stole only once a year. The intention of buying books was good. However, the fact that he stole to achieve this end showed that he was not completely honest. He cannot be categorized as a typical thief because he did not steal to eat or drink. He had a house. He made locks, had two people to help him, and was successful in his business. He only stole enough money to buy the books. For a couple of days, he even kept his promise to the lady he met at Shotover Grange by not stealing or planning any robbery.

8. Horace Danby was a meticulous planner but still he faltered. Where did he go wrong and why?


Horace Danby failed to get enough information about real occupants of the house. He seems to be too occupied with collecting information about house map, wiring and location of valuable things. Although he was smart enough to know the dog’s actual name but overlooked getting identity of each and every occupants of the house. Once he was in problem then probably his clever mind gave way to carelessness leading him to open the safe without wearing gloves.

9. Do you think Horace Danby was unfairly punished, or that he deserved what he got?


He deserved what he got. A crime is a crime no matter if it is committed a hundred times or just once.

10. Do intentions justify actions? Would you, like Horace Danby, do something wrong if you thought your ends justified the means? Do you think that there are situations in which it is excusable to act less than honestly?


“Ends do not justify means”, this is a very old and time tested saying. For own benefit nobody should harm others. But this world doesn’t function on idealism. There are many examples of people duping people for quick gains. These acts should be deplored and dealt with severely.

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