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Beaten me with slippers ... Zomato's delivery boy made serious allegations; Hitesha Chandrani gave this answer


zomato woman punch case  delivery boy kamaraj and hitesha chandrani

A shocking incident came to light in Bengaluru recently, when a woman named Hitesha Chandrani accused her of attacking herself by Jomato's delivery boy. Hitesha shared the video on Instagram, claiming that delivery boy Kamaraj assaulted her, which broke her nose. However, now accused Kamaraj has also accused Hitesha of throwing slippers and hitting him on the contrary. After Kamraj's side came to the fore, social media was completely divided into two parts. One who is taking the side of Kamaraj and the other is standing with Hitesha.

Kamaraj dismissed Hitesha's allegations, claiming that he (Hitesha) attacked her with slippers. During this time, he accidentally got hurt himself. Speaking to NDTV, Kamaraj said that despite all this, he apologized to Hitesha and agreed to withdraw food from Jomato after talking to him, but Hitesha himself refused. The delivery boy confessed that he picked up the food from the table and started going from there.

Emerging, Kamaraj said, "He started abusing me." A sandal was placed near the door. He picked up that sandal and started banging me. "He continued," I was completely shocked. I hit her hand to protect myself. He was wearing a ring in his finger. This ring hit her nose and she was injured. I did not punch him. I was horrified, after which I left the place. ”Kamaraj further said that Hitesha continued to kill him. Because of this, he was forced to step down from life. He came running to the third floor. The delivery boy told that this job is his foot time job.

On the other hand, Hitesha, while talking to NDTV, refused to accept Kamaraj's allegations. Hitesha said that he did not initiate abusive speech earlier. He (Kamaraj) was the rood from the very beginning. Hitesha said that when I am spending money, I have full right to customer support. I was telling her to either cancel my order or give me that food for free.

Hitesha said, "At that moment, when I told Kamaraj that Jomato had told him something in order to forgive the order cancell or Charges, it became quite rude. He said, "Ma'am, I have no idea." Please do not waste my time. Give me my money and let me go. ”Chandrani claimed that he also complained to Kamaraj from customer care and said that he was screaming a lot. He said, "He was talking like threatening me." Hitesha alleged that when he shouted, he tried to close the door and he pushed and said what are you doing The He then came and picked up the order and went away.

Hitesha Chandrani further said that I told the delivery boy that you cannot do this. After this he punched me. All this happened in two minutes. I could not understand what happened. He ran towards the elevator. I did not know that my nose was bleeding. I chased him to stop him, but then he attacked me.

Know what was the whole matter

In fact, recently Hitesha Chandrani, who hails from Bengaluru, alleged that Zomato's delivery boy punched him in the face due to canceling the order. Beauty influencer Hitesha was told that she had placed the order with Jomato, but the order delivered after time, which she canceled while talking to customer care. Hitesha had said in the video that after the delivery boy came to the door, I told him that I do not want the order, you take it back. But he refused to do so and started abusing. I immediately tried to close the door. He immediately opened the door and took the order in his hand and punched me in the face.

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