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Couple Goals: wife Genelia suffered a hand injury, Ritesh Deshmukh is seen grooming her hair, video goes viral

 Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D'Souza are one of Bollywood's hot couples. Genelia's hands are covered in these days, in such a situation, Ritesh is seen doing his work. A video has surfaced in which Ritesh is making his wife's hair.

A video of actor Ritesh Deshmukh is going viral in which he is seen grooming the hair of his injured wife Genelia. This video is posted by Genelia on her social media. Recently, Genelia suffered a hand injury while learning to skate.

Genelia has plaster in her hand and she is not able to do her own work. In such a situation, grooming the hair itself is very difficult. What was it then husband Ritesh took the comb and made Genelia's pony tail.

Genelia posted this video on Instagram in which Ritesh is tying her hair. Genelia wrote in the caption of the video, "I need someone who loves me even in my worst time."

Let me tell you that this couple often keeps posting their videos together, which their fans like a lot.

Jane Lia had also posted the video in which she got hurt.

Sharing the story on Riteish's video Instagram said that even though people use the platform to share success stories, she wants to use it even in bad times.

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