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Hollywood actresses spend huge amount on bodyguards, know their salary

 रिहाना और कायली जेनर

Be it Bollywood or Hollywood, it is difficult to be a celebrity in every industry. A star has to pay the price of everything. There are millions of fans of celebrities and famous people, due to which it becomes very difficult to get out of them. In such a situation, celebrities have to seek the help of bodyguards to overcome their safety and fans.

जेनिफर लोपेज

Due to this, many celebrities spend huge amount on their bodyguards. Hollywood actresses like Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston and Megan Markle are celebrities who give their bodyguards a lot of salary as a salary. Security runs behind all these. Let us tell you how much money they all spend on security.

जेनिफर एनिस्टन

Jennifer Aniston, the actress of the American sitcom FRIENDS and one of Hollywood's most famous stars, is famous worldwide. In such a situation, whenever Jennifer comes out, there is a gathering of fans. It means that Jennifer always travels with her security. According to report, Aniston spends $ 240,000 i.e. about Rs 1,74,45,420 on its security.

मेगन मार्कल

The Duchess of Sussex Megan Markle and Prince Harry left the Royal Family last year. Although he is still in the limelight. These days Harry and Megan are in discussion with Oprah Winfrey about her exploitative interview. According to, Megan spends $ 20 million i.e. approximately Rs 1,45,37,85,000 for her year-long security.

कायली जेनर

Kyle Jenner, the youngest and most successful member of the Kardashian-Jenner family, is famous worldwide. According to, Kaili, who manages a big business at a young age, spends $ 4.8 million, or about Rs 34,89,08,400 a year, on his security.


Rihanna is a big name in the American music industry. He is always seen surrounded by his security team outside. In this case, believes that Singing Legend spends 500,000 dollars i.e. Rs 3,63,44,625 on its security team.

जेनिफर लोपेज

Singing legend and actress Jennifer Lopez are also big names in Hollywood. Known for her relationships, business, songs and film projects, Jennifer also spends 500,000 Dollars of Indian currency at Rs 3,63,44,625 a year on her security.

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