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Nora Fatehi steps into Mumbai airport, cameras begin to capture them


Nora Fatehi is always in the headlines for her stunning dance and stylish style. Nora Fatehi is also very active on social media, she is often seen sharing her photos and videos with fans. Where today he was spotted at Mumbai Airport. The actress was seen here in a white veneer where she looked very beautiful.

Bollywood actress and dance queen Nora Fatehi has appeared publicly in her most glamorous avatar. Many of his latest pictures from Mumbai airport are in the headlines on the internet right now. Nora Fatehi is seen quite stunned in these latest pictures.

Celebrities photographer cameras at the airport captured several pictures of Nora.

नोरा की कई तस्वीरें कैप्चरकाफी स्टनिंग दिख रही हैं नोरा

सबसे ग्लैमरस एयरपोर्ट लुक

टैलंट के दम पर बनाई है पहचान

यहां तक पहुंच पाना नहीं था आसान

आपबीती सुनाते हुए वह रो पड़ी थींजब वह बोलतीं तो लोग हंसा करतेनोरा ने शेयर किया है वीडियो क्लिप

बाहुबली : द बिगनिंग में भी आईं नजर

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