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TV's daughter-in-law became famous from house to house, rule over hearts, captured TRP


As much as the craze of Bollywood among Indian viewers, television serials also dominate. TV serials are very popular among Indian viewers. But in this popularity, the actors of the serial are also equal participants. Especially the female actresses of TV are famous from house to house. Many serials have come and gone but once these stars have left their mark among the audience, these stars have been known for their roles for years. Come learn these popular actresses of TV and their hit shows.

दीप‍िका स‍िंंह

Deepika Singh

In the role of IPS Sandhya, TV actress Deepika Singh played a strong role in Dia and Baati Hum serial. Deepika also inspired people through Sandhya's character. For five years continuously, Deepika ruled the hearts of the audience through this character.

द‍िव्यांका त्रिपाठी

Divyanka Tripathi

The most famous serial of TV is Divyanka Tripathi's first serial. In 2006, Divyanka played the character of Vidya in the release Banoon Main Teri Dulhan. It was here that his successful career started. After this, in 2013, he played Ishita's character in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein serial. Ishita's tenor gave Divyanka a lot of fame.

हीना खान

Heena Khan

The serial Yeh Rishta Kya Hai, which runs from 2008 to 2016, has been identified by Heena Khan. This serial gave him so much fame that people still like his character of Akshara. This serial brought Heena to fame, which is still standing today. She also appeared in the role of Komolika in Kasauti Zindagi Ki, but her magic could not work here.

रुबीना दिलैक

Rubina Dilac

Bigg Boss 14 winner Rubina Dilac made her debut on the small screen with Chhoti Bahu in 2008. From the very first serial, she came to be known as Radhika. After this, Rubina did a great job in the character of Kinnar Soumya Singh in the serial of the realization of the power coming in 2016. After the success of this show, now Rubina is returning to the show once again.

कृतिका सेंगर

Kritika Sanger

Jhansi's Rani serial is an important role in Kritika Sengar's career. He had put Rani Laxmibai on the screen very well in the show. After this, Kritika once again achieved fame with the role of Aarti in the remarriage. Now Kritika Chhoti Sardarni is going to be seen in the show.

अंक‍िता लोखंडे

Ankita Lokhande

Ankita Lokhande achieved popularity from serial holy relationship. The show ran from 2009 to 2014. In this show, Ankita played a memorable role of Archana.

जेन‍िफर विंगेट

Jennifer Winget

Jennifer Winget is one of the favorite actresses on the small screen. Jennifer continues to flourish in audiences of all ages. The serial released in 2016 was the most successful show of Jennifer's career. Jennifer, who joined the audience through this show for a year, still likes Maya's character. Despite this gray shade character, she remained his hero for the people. Last year, there was a lot of 2i in which they got tremendous response from the audience again.

दीप‍िका कक्कड़

Deepika Kakkar

The show Sasural Simar Ka, which started ten years ago in 2011, played its magic in people. This character was played by no one else but Deepika Kakkar. The show came to an end after playing her tenor honestly in the show for six years, but Deepika was always in the hearts of the viewers. Now the channel has released a promo for the second season of the show, in which Deepika will be seen in Simar's character once.

श्वेता तिवारी

Shweta Tiwari

Kasauti Zindagi serial is one of the most successful shows of Indian TV shows. Like the show, its lead actress Prerna aka Shweta Tiwari has been the leading actress of TV. As an inspiration, his image remains intact even today.

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