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Udupi Ramachandra Rao: know who is 'satellite man of India' Rao on whose birthday Google created this special doodle

 Pro UR Rao: Google dedicates doodle to the scientist who launched India's first satellite

Udupi ramachandra rao

Google has dedicated its doodle to Indian scientist Professor Udupi Ramchandra Rao. Today is the 89th birthday of Satellite Man of India. Professor Rao was born on 10 March 1932 in Adamaru area of ​​Udupi district in Karnataka state. Professor Rao was India's first space scientist and president of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

  • Doodle dedicated to Indian Scientist Professor Udupi Ramchandra Rao
  • People also call Dr. Ur Rao as 'Satellite Man of India'
  • In 1975, under the leadership of Rao, he successfully launched his first satellite 'Aryabhata' in space.

Professor Rao started his career as an assistant to Cosmic-Ray Physicist and Dr. Vikram Sarabhai. After completing his doctorate he moved to America. There he experimented on NASA's Pioneer and Explorer space probes and worked for some time as a professor. But in 1966 he returned to India and in 1975 he successfully launched his first satellite 'Aryabhata' into space. During this time he also developed more than 20 satellites to improve communication and meteorological services.

Belonging to an ordinary family: Speaking of Professor UD Rao, he was born on 10 March 1932 in Adamaru area of ​​Udupi district of Karnataka state. Udupi Ramchandra Rao, who belongs to an ordinary family, reached the forefront of the line of the best Indian scientists on the strength of his talent and dedication. Professor Rao also served as the President of the Indian Research Institute (ISRO) and as the Space Secretary of India.

Udupi Ramachandra Rao

Professor Rao also supervised the first satellite launch in the year 1975. He developed more than 20 satellites for India. These satellites have played a very important role in solving communication, development and weather related problems in rural areas. From the year 1984 to 1994, Professor Rao was the President of the Space Research Organization of India. During this time, he took the space program far ahead. He developed the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) for India. Let us know that through this PSLV, we have installed more than 250 satellites in orbit so far. Professor Rao was the first Indian who was inducted into the Satellite Hall of Fame in the year 2013.

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