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Adah Sharma's new style, first sword and now now Corona shying away from gun

 Actress Adah Sharma is also known for her peculiar photoshoot apart from her performance. For the past few days, Ada has been sharing pictures of peculiar photoshoots. Taking these pictures, she says that she is driving Corona away. Bollywood actress Adah Sharma may be away from the film world, but she keeps entertaining fans by putting her pictures on social media. In the last few days, Ada has shared some strange photos, in which she is hot, but her caption is peculiar. She has written that she is shooting for Corona. Adah Sharma recently used a gun to exorcise Corona in her photoshoot. He is wearing a black color dress and has a pistol in his hand. Adaa's style is worth seeing in these photos. Adah Sharma (Adah Sharma Photoshoot) has tied the hair in this photoshoot and a few strands are open from the front. Dark Red Lipshed looks great on Ada. Those pistols are showing as if they are threatening the corona virus. Talking about Adah Sharma Outfit in this photoshoot, she is wearing a golden metallic gown with cutwork and her style looks very sexy and bold.

adah Sharma

Adah Holding Pistol

Adah Bold Look

Adah holding sword

Adah Metallic Gown

Adah Eradicating Corona from Boxing

Adah Gorgeous Outfit

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