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Irrfan Khan's actress Saba Qamar broke engagement, fiancé Azeem Khan told what caused the broken relationship

 Saba Qamar, who was the co-star of Pakistani actress and Irrfan Khan, recently announced the break up of their engagement. Now the reaction of Saba's fiance has come on this. He also told via Instagram that who was responsible for the breakdown of this relationship.

Irrfan Khan की एक्ट्रेस Saba Qamar ने तोड़ी सगाई, मंगेतर Azeem Khan ने बताया किसकी वजह से टूटा रिश्ता

Pakistani actress and Irrfan Khan's star Saba Qamar in Hindi Medium was soon going to get married, but now they have broken their engagement. He gave information about this on social media.

Information given about the breakdown of engagement on Instagram

Pakistani actress Saba Qamar shared a post on her Instagram, in which she talked about breaking up her engagement. Saba wrote in his post- 'Hello, I am going to tell a very important thing. Due to personal reasons, I am breaking engagement with Azim Khan. Now we are not married. I hope you guys will support my decision, as you have always been doing. I think it is never late, if you come to know the truth in time. I also want to tell all of you that I have never met Azim Khan in my life. We were only connected to each other via phone. This is a difficult time for me, but it will also pass. Insha-Allah. Lots of love to all of you.

 Fiance gave this reaction

Azim Khan (Azeem Khan) has also given his reaction on this post of Saba. He said on his Instagram post that Saba you are a very good person and you are entitled to all the happiness of the world. May the above bless you and give you success and love. Sometimes difficult paths lead to the beautiful destination and yes, I take full responsibility for this separation.

Azim was charged

According to media reports, some time ago a woman was accused of sexual harassment by Azim (Azeem Khan). It is said that Azim had also shared a video then, but he also deleted it in a short time.

Saba worked with Irrfan Khan

Significantly, Saba Qamar is a good name for the Pakistani film industry. Saba has shown her strength in Pakistani cinema as well as Bollywood. Recall that Saba Qamar was seen in the Bollywood film 'Hindi Medium' with the late actor Irrfan Khan. Saba had asked for Irfan in an interview that he has learned a lot from him. Along with this, Saba was surprised like the other fans and stars after hearing the news of Irrfan's death.

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