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UP Police arrives in Rupnagar, Punjab Police lines to take Mukhtar Ansari into custody

Mukhtar Ansari Banda Jail news: Mafia Mukhtar Ansari will be under strict surveillance in Banda jail, VIP treatment will not be available, know what are the arrangements of administration

The UP Police team reached Rupnagar (Punjab) on Tuesday morning to take gangster-turned-politician Mukhtar Ansari into his custody. Now UP police will take Mukhtar Ansari, who is lodged in Banda Jail. The Punjab Police commandos will assist the UP police in bringing Banda to jail. A Punjab High Police officer said that a squad of trend commandos of the Punjab Police would accompany them to Banda to help the UP Police.

Two routes have been prepared to bring Mukhtar Ansari from Punjab to Banda. Who will be those two routes and which way will Mukhtar Ansari return to UP, it will be decided at the last moment. Punjab Police personnel will also be along the way along with the sharp policemen of UP Police. The Punjab Police will cooperate with the UP Police to ensure that there is no problem on the way and Mukhtar Ansari's safe return to Banda.

Mukhtar Ropar jailed for two years

On 26 March, the Supreme Court ordered the Punjab government to hand over the accused MLA Mukhtar Ansari to the Uttar Pradesh government in the serious lawsuits. The Punjab Police had taken Mukhtar Ansari to Punjab from Banda Jail 2 years ago in connection with a case. Mukhtar Ansari has been lodged in Ropar Jail in Punjab for the last two years.

Police guard on Ropar's rummage

The security of Ropar has been tightened since Monday evening and the Punjab Police is on guard. Checking was done by placing barricades at many places. The locals also looked apprehensive after seeing so much security. There are many ways to get out of Ropar. The special checking operation on all the routes continued till late Monday. According to local police, some UP Police personnel have been present in the city for two to three days. At the same time, a large number of UP Police personnel have arrived in the late evening.

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