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Stand Up Rahul Review: Movie Review: Standup Rahul

 Stand Up Rahul Review: Movie Review: Standup Rahul

Title: Standup Rahul

Rating: 1.75 / 5

Cast: Raj Tarun, Varsha Bollamma, Indraja, Murali Sharma, Vennela Kishore etc.

Camera: Shriraj Ravindran

Editing: Ravi Teja G.

Music: Sweaker Agusti

Producer: Nandakumar Abbineni, Bharat Maguluri

Written and directed by: Santo

Released: 18 March 2022

After "Experience Raja" in 2021, Raj Tarun again greeted with this film. Though not in the publicity peaks, the audience who has faith in Raj Tarun is informed that this movie is coming.

Due to the songs not being a hit, the trailer being okay and so on, there was no atmosphere to run and watch as soon as it was released.

However, it has been proven many times that if the Morning Show talk is good for any movie, the target audience will definitely breathe a sigh of relief at the box office. And let's see if this movie has that situation.

Any movie has a story..that story has a point.

What would happen if a house was built without laying the foundations before the place?

The point is, living together is better than getting married, since marriage can be so intense. Also another point is not to give up the profession in the name of passion.

But conviction lacked the ability to turn those points into a story. The film manages to entertain as well as inform.

The songs are technically very poor. Music and lyrics do not touch the mind due to lack of novelty. The background score is also finite.

The camera and editing departments were not bothered.

Raj Tarun turns out to be a soft lover boy. Hyper rolls are set for him. Varsha Bollamma is OK.

As long as Murali Sharma, Indraja and Vennela Kishore are well-known talented artists, even Sean and Dialog could not make their presence felt as they came together in a big way.

Wrote very poor tracks under the name of Standup Comedy. Only one stand-up speech by Raj Tarun on gender differences in Fastoff seems a bit good. Everything is clear.

Laughter is annoying when you say that you are joking unless the joke has to come in the flow. That’s the problem with this standup comedy. Unless you write a very strong script it is difficult. The bathroom scenes and dialogues are awkward.

The dialogues are also not organic unless they are like something filling. Dialogues like "Pune Pilla Kadha Poha Kaluputtadu" feel like comedy. But the artist uttered it and proved that it was not comedy. There are a lot of things like that.

Conflict point in this movie is Parama Week. If the heroine Livin's relationship proposal is put as an interval bang, then you can understand how deep it is in the story and the narrative.

There is also a caption to the title of the movie - "Sitting is enough". It's as if someone is saying, "Sit down, standup audience" many times while watching.

The climax is juicy, capturing a serious point and forcing it to end in a lighter vein as long as it lasts. It's disappointing to wait for the movie to have at least one stunt like "Last quarter of an hour" anyway.

Bottom line: sitting is enough..standup

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