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Bankim Chandra Chatterjee Birth Anniversary: 5 Inspirational Quotes From Vande Mataram Creator’s Anandamath


Bankim Chandra Chatterjee’s Anandamath was the story of a group of sanyasis, or monks, who fought the British.

New Delhi: Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, a literary genius, is considered to be the face of Bengali renaissance. In 19th century India, under British rule, his was a voice that stimulated the nation to break free. The gifted writer enriched Bengali literature with his works that highlighted a range of issues and emotions.

Born on June 27, 1838 in Kantalpara village of the 24 Paraganas district of Bengal, Bankim Chandra had his early education in Midnapur, and was a brilliant student. He was appointed a deputy collector in 1859, the same year he passed his BA examination. But he found his calling in writing, starting with verses and later shifting to fiction. 

While all of Bankim Chandra’s writings are inspiring, there is one novel that has always stood apart from the rest — Anandamath. Set in the background of the Sanyasi Rebellion of the late 18th century, when Bengal was facing a famine too, Anandamath became synonymous with India’s struggle for freedom from the British. The book, on expected lines, had been banned by the British. It is from Anandamath that India got its national song, Vande Mataram. 

Anandamath was the story of a group of sanyasis, or monks, who fought the British. The novel was later published in English as ‘The Abbey of Bliss’. 

Here are some memorable quotes from Anandamath:

1. “...this country belongs to us. This is our Motherland. We are the children of this soil. You have no more moral or legal right to rule over this country than we have to rule over your England.” 

2. “In our work we do not differentiate between Hindu or Muslim, Buddhist or Sikh, Parsee or Pariah. We are all brothers here — all Children of the same Mother India.” 

3. “Because the British keep India in subjection by the sword. And she can be freed only by the sword. Those who talk of winning India’s independence by peaceful means do not know the British, I am sure. Please say Bande Mataram.” 

4. “The Motherland is our only mother. Our Motherland is higher than heaven. Mother India is our mother. We have no other mother. We have no father, no brother, no sister, no wife, no children, no home, no hearth — all we have is the Mother.” 

5. "If death could bring victory in war, I would die. The brave should not die in vain"

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