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Rakhi Sawant Opens Up About Her Controversial Relationships On Anu Ranjan's Show 'Reel Or Real'


In the third episode of the show, Anu Ranjan talks to Rakhi Sawant who is flaunting her diamond ring gifted to her by Adil Khan Durrani

New Delhi: Be it her controversial statements or her unique outfits, Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant never misses a chance to be in the spotlight. Currently, the queen of controversies is hitting the headlines for her relationship with a Mysore based businessman Adil Khan Durrani.

In the third episode of the show, Anu Ranjan talks to Rakhi Sawant who flaunted a diamond ring gifted to her by Adil. Recently, Rakhi had also shared with the media that Adil gifted her an expensive luxury car.

In the episode, Rakhi shared that she believes her sole purpose and focus in life has always been only to entertain her audience and fans.  Rakhi also spoke about how hard it is to make it to the entertainment industry.

During her childhood days she never heeded to her parents advice or she might be living a life like her 'idol Rabdi Devi with almost 11 kids'.

Rakhi Sawant also spoke about the trauma of her relationships from Hitesh to Ritesh…how she ended all the speculations of her marriage with a ‘mystery man’ and how finally she met the love of her life.

Rakhi also shared that people have always used her but never have wanted to get married to her. She broke down when she spoke about how lonely she was and didn’t have a partner to go out to watch movies with, go shopping and go on holidays with. At this point in the episode, Adil who was also a guest on the show, comforts her. Watch the complete episode below.

The episode was posted on Monday, June 27 with the caption ‘Dreams come True’.

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