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BeReal Time Today, What Time Does BeReal Post?

 Bereal Time Today is a topic of search for many BeReal fans. BeReal is a French social media app that was released in 2020. The app asks its users to share a photo during a random act and encourages people to be more true instead of trying to be their best. The app releases a time every day to take and share a photo and users are curious to know Bereal Time Today. Stay with the page and know Bereal Time Today and what time do BeReal post.

BeReal Time Today, What Time Does BeReal Post?
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Bereal Time Today

BeReal is a social media app that started with the digital campaign "what if social media was different". The app was developed by Alexis Barreyat and gained popularity with Gen Z in 2022. BeReal asks its users to click a picture every day without Filters and motivates people to be themselves. Users have two minutes to take and post a picture before being marked as late. Fans are curious to know Bereal Time Today and wants to know what time id BeReal notification today. So here are the details on Bereal Time Today.

Find below Bereal Time Today and about the app.

What Time Is Bereal Today?

BeReal is at 04:56 pm today (July 22, 2022). It was among the 20 top free apps on iOS and was ranked fourth on social networks. It prompts users to take one unedited photo every day at a random time and share candid, unfiltered moments. The company is valued at $600 million as per sources. After sharing the photo, users can see what their friends posted for the day and can comment or react with an emoji. If a picture goes late, the app will note the users friends and the users will not be notified. Both the front and back camera can be used in the app to give users a candid view. BeReal fans who have been looking for Bereal Time Today can read furthermore to get their answers.


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Bereal Notification Time

Once per day, BeReal notifies its users that a two-minute window is open to post a photo and asks its users to share a picture from whatever they are doing at the moment. The window varies from day to day. If a user post their picture after the two-minute window, then other users will be notified of the fact. Users cannot post more than one photo per day. 

What Time Is Bereal App Today?

BeReal reached the top 20 on the Apple App Store’s list of top free apps and was fourth in social networking. Emily, a user, told CNBC, "It’s silly but I feel like it serves a different purpose than Instagram or Snapchat". She also said, "I have friends on it who I don’t communicate with on a regular basis but I appreciate getting a little window into what they’re doing once a day, even if it’s just sitting in front of their computer or on a walk." 

BeReal Time

BeReal has 10.7 million global installs to date, according to SensorTower. BeReal also runs a college and high school ambassador program, which contributes to its user growth. The app is free with no ads as of now. 

The guide on Bereal Time Today has been provided, along with full details. Read the article to know all about BeReal Time.

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