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अपने हॉट अवतार से फिर छाई ईशा गुप्ता : लाइमलाइट में रहने के लिए सभी को तैयार

 Esha Gupta

Esha Gupta made many revelations. She said- ‘Talking about his post, she said that when she post anything on social media, it means that she should like it. I say something and people run some other headlines. But it is important that I stay in the headlines. 

It is enough for me that people talk about me. They want to know what I am wearing, what I am eating and what I am talking about. As long as people want to know about you, they are interested in you. I don’t want people to forget me. I just want people to remember me. Be it sexy photos or shows. Just remember people. You can check what she has written in her post with her hot and irresistible picture, have a look: 

Talking about her work

She has been enjoying her recent release ‘Ashram 3’ wherein she was seen in a superbold actress Esha Gupta who is leaving no stone unturned in promoting for the same coming like a web series. Meanwhile, in a recent interview, the actress said such a thing about her social media post, knowing that you will definitely be surprised.

She also said that she shares only such thing which others can easily share on social media. Well, you need to check her posts which helped her make news headlines in the media. How about checking about the same as under.

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