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Delhi: Man held after 21 yrs for murder of CITU president

 A 48-year-old man, who murdered CITU Union president way back in 2001, was arrested by the Delhi Police 21 years after committing the crime, an official said on Wednesday.

Delhi: Man held after 21 yrs for murder of CITU president

The accused, identified as Anjani Kumar Singh, was declared as Proclaim Offender by a local court after committing murder of CITU Union President Rajender Singh in Okhla Industrial Area.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (east) Priyanka Kashyap said the Special Staff of East District was tasked to keep vigil for the criminals who were absconding after committing heinous crimes. The police received a tip regarding accused Anjani Kumar who was hiding at Hari Nagar Jaitpur Delhi and working as a Security Guard at Okhla Phase-3 Delhi. Immediately, a police team was constituted which laid a trap and ultimately apprehended the accused Anjani on July 19.

Sharing brief details of the murder commited by the accused, DCP Kashyap said accused Anjani Kumar was working as guard with Group 4 Security Task India Pvt. Ltd and was a member of the Union in 2001. "In March, 2001, due to a labour dispute with CITU Union members of Group 4, the accused Anjani along with his Union president M. K. Singh and others assaulted CITU Union president Rajender Singh and guard Anil during a meeting of labour unions with senior officials of Group 4 Security Task India Pvt. Ltd at Usha House, OIA, New Delhi," the DCP said in a media briefing.

She said Rajender and Anil were brutally beaten by accused Anjani Kumar and his associates, resulting in the death of Rajender Singh. "The accused Anjani Kumar fled from the spot after the incident. For the murder, three accused persons namely Bhagwan Thakur, Avdhesh and Mohd Saleem were arrested in year 2001 and were convicted after trial," the official said.

Seven remaining accused involved in this crime including Anjani were declared Proclaimed offenders, however, five of them were later arrested.

"The accused Anjani Kumar went to ASamastipur, Bihar and did odd jobs as a security guard. He used to change his residential addresses regularly, and never disclosed his real identity to evade getting caught," Kashyap said.

She said that the local police have been informed about accused Anajni Kumar's arrest.

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