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Delhi Police Detail Extensive Traffic, Security Arrangements Ahead Of Kanwar Yatra


As per the police, this year, about 15-20 lakh devotees are expected during the Kanwar Yatra which is taking place after 2019.

New Delhi: Delhi Police has made an elaborate security plan for the Kanwar Yatra which will begin on Thursday. In order to ensure smooth movement, elaborate arrangements to segregate the devotees and other road users have been made, from July 14 to July 26, the period of "Kanwar Yatra", reported news agency ANI. A large number of Lord Shiva devotees would be undertaking the yatra from Gaumukh, Gangotri Dham, Rishikesh and Haridwar. 

As per the police, this year, about 15-20 lakh devotees are expected during the Kanwar Yatra which is taking place after 2019. A large number of Kanwarias reach Delhi and some of them go to Haryana and Rajasthan and pass through Delhi borders. 

Traffic Control

To control the traffic, the Kanwariyas will enter East District from Maharajpur and Gazipur check post side and leave Delhi for their destinations. East Delhi will be a transit point on route for kanwariyas hailing from different states like Haryana, Rajasthan and others. It is expected that the Kanwarias will begin to pass through Delhi from July 14 on foot, and in the subsequent days that number is likely to increase after July 21, the Delhi Police said according to ANI. 

To ensure a smooth flow of traffic, a total of 1,925 police personnel are being deployed for traffic regulation, and more than 56 cranes and motorcycles are also deployed on main roads and stretch from where the pilgrims pass, a press release by the delhi police said, as reported by ANI

If any devotee or member of the public wants to know any information related to traffic, he may approach the Delhi Traffic Police Facebook page, Twitter handle@DelhiTrafficPolice, Whatsapp number 8750871493 and helpline number 1095/011-25844444.

"Updated information at these platforms is available on a 24x7 basis. The devotees and road users are advised to follow the traffic rules and obey the directions of policemen on duty. During this period of Kanwarias movement, traffic violations will be checked by on-the-spot prosecution and by photography/videography of violations which will be followed by prosecution," the release further read.

The report stated that due to the movement of Kanwarias and the setting up of "Kanwaria Camps" on roadsides, traffic congestion/obstruction is experienced at several places. The Kanwar camp organisers are advised to take prior permission from the competent authority for setting up of "Kanwarias Camp" and ensure that their camp does not hamper the free flow of traffic on the main carriageway.

Security Arrangements 

In order to maintain law and order in the East District, extensive security arrangements have been put in place. Maximum number of  police personnel of East District will be on the ground for these arrangements aimed to prevent any disturbance, maintain proper law and order at and around the camps as well as on the routes to be followed by Kanwariyas and also to ensure smooth passage for Kanwarias with minimum inconvenience to the general public.

Police personnel have also been directed to ensure proper barricading, lighting, and fire safety measures, and to maintain a register to record the entry and exit of each Kanwariya.

"Provision of CCTVs is also being made in the camps in coordination with the civic agencies. Apart from it, all anti-terrorism measures have also been put in place. Anti-sabotage checks will be conducted at all 16 camps on a regular basis, morchas, and machans are also being set up to this regard. Quick Response Teams and MPVs have been deployed at sensitive locations on the route as well at the camps," said police, according to ANI. 

With a view to maintaining communal harmony in the area during Kanwar Yatra, meetings with the members of Aman Committees, religious leaders and the respectable of the area have also been conducted in both districts.

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