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Footwear and our overall health are inextricably linked

 What you wear on your feet can make or break your look. A flattering overall appearance can only be achieved with the right pair of shoes. It gives you the confidence to walk, move, and feel very differently! If your toes feel stifled or your heels protrude with each step, or you have a toe hang, you're wearing the wrong size shoes.

Footwear and our overall health are inextricably linked

The wrong shoe size/footwear can negatively impact your health, with ill effects on your body that can persist for years. For women, it is essential to choose the right size when it comes to their footwear, taking into consideration their weight, height, and required comfort levels.

Veena Ashiya, Founder & CEO, of Monrow Shoes - Homegrown D2C Shoe Brand says, "You might feel that one is exaggerating, but the wrong footwear which does not provide sufficient support, compresses the feet, or does not complement the natural arch of your feet, can lead to serious side affects. A severe back pain, posture degradation and excruciating hip and lower back pain, in rare instances, is a possibility."

He further adds, "A woman's pelvic and menstrual health is highly related to how meticulous they are when choosing the right footwear for themselves. Wearing the wrong size and type of footwear, such as heels, tends to push the pelvis region forward and the hips behind, triggering irregular menstruation and infertility in women."

Veena shares some footwear options to try out:

Kitten Heel: If you find it difficult to walk in higher heels or if you are on the taller side but don't want to avoid wearing attractive heels because of it, kitten heels are the best option. This heel is often thin and short (under three inches).

Block Heel: Besides being incredibly chic and trendy, the chunky block heel is also great for ensuring your foot health. It distributes your body weight differently than thinner heels. They take a little pressure off the front of your foot, allowing you to stand more comfortably.

Wedge heels: Wedges are ideal for women looking for additional height but without the additional pain. Despite being elevated, they differ from conventional heels as the weight is equally distributed throughout, making walking comfortable. Additionally, they are great for new mothers who want to appear stylish but find it difficult to walk in pointed heels.

Hourglass heels: For those who have recently begun wearing heels, hourglass heels are a blessing in disguise. They are wide at the top and bottom and somewhat narrow in the middle, which makes it easier to create a balance. Consequently, these heels are ideal for women who wish to blend comfort and fashion.

Footwear and our overall health are inextricably linked. Understanding this, footwear brands are providing varied options of heel types, heights, and footwear styles to make sure that consumers have an ocean of options to choose from without ever compromising on comfort. So, it is on us to select footwear that hugs our feet like a natural footprint!

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