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From Anu Menon To Rahul Subramaniam, Comcistaan Season 3’s Contestants Pick Their Favourite


The contestants of 'Comcistaan Season 3' recently opened up about their experiences on the show and how the judges and mentors guided them throughout their journey. 

New Delhi: Amazon Prime Video is back with season three of its immensely popular comedy show ‘Comicstaan’ with new contestants, newer mentors, and a re-imaged format. The show is credited with bringing budding comics to the front and getting noticed for their talent by a much larger audience. The contestants recently opened up about their experiences on the show and how the judges and mentors guided them throughout their journey. 

Ashish Solanki, the winner of this season shared, "Sumukhi had told me that I am more of a writer and not a performer, so she suggested me to try voice modulation and increase physicality in my performance and I'm glad I got out of my comfort zone to try it out in the Alt (alternative comedy) episode!"

Pavitra Shetty, who stole hearts with her charming performances, mentioned Rahul Subramanian as one of her favourites. She said, "Because of Rahul, my whole opinion on anecdotal changed. I am someone who needs at least a 15 minute set to do justice to my story, so I was unsure if I would be able to prepare a set in 3 minutes. But I did!  And I feel like my best joke of the season came out in Anecdotal.” She also shared how Anu Menon mentored them for the Sketch round, "Anu Menon was so engaging in her mentoring. She invested so much of her time in us but at the same time it felt like such an effortless learning. She wrote us very cute letters before our episode and just reading those thoughtful words meant so much." 

AIB fame Rohan Joshi also tagged as a roastmaster, made his first stint on Comicstaan as a mentor for the newly introduced roast round. "Rohan Joshi is an encyclopaedia of knowledge. He knows so much about everything that his round of mentoring was just an experience of non stop learning" remarked Aman Jotwani, one of the finalists of the season “Rohan had invited all of us for lunch at his home. It was such a sweet thing to do, especially right before we were supposed to perform the roast round.” Ashish mentioned.

Kenny Sebastian, who helmed the judge’s chair this season had proclaimed earlier that this season he had dropped his sweet guy profile and given critical feedback to the contestants. Adding to that, another contestant Shamik Chakraborty said, "After a couple of rounds when I was receiving harsh feedback from Kenny, he came to me personally to tell me that I shouldn't feel too bad about it, instead just try to incorporate them in my performance." 

Gurleen Pannu, first runner up commented on the Improv round, "Improv got me back to my theatre days. We all had to work so closely together that it was more of a bonding experience than anything else. Adar Malik’s methods as a mentor for the improv round were so vigorous that it helped a lot in preparing us for the round." 

With genres like roast, anecdotal, topical, improv, sketch, alternative etc. this season also has names like Zakir Khan, Kenny Sebastian, Sumukhi Suresh and Neeti Palta as judges. All episodes of season three are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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