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Iravin Nizhal Movie Review: Mind-blowing story and impressive filmmaking make this film worth watching

 Directed by Prathiban, Iravin Nizhal is a film that is made on an experimental basis and is worth watching again and again.

Iravin Nizhal Movie Review
Iravin Nizhal Movie Review: Mind-blowing story and impressive filmmaking make this film worth watching

Title: Iravin Nizhal 
Cast: Parthiban, Robo Shankar and others
Director: Parthiban
Rating: 3/5

Review by Bhavana Sharma 

Nandu (Parthiban himself) is a mysterious man who is leading a sad life. He is on a run and his life is filled with nothing but a crime. His life is all about people who are the reason for the crime in his life, and sins, and now it is all about the last hope at redemption.

Nandu is a film financier and is running with a gun which he hopes to use on Patamananda (Robo Shankar), a fake godman, who is one of those to have put him in this precarious position. Nandu is waiting for Patamananda at his dilapidated ashram and what happens next is a roller coaster ride. 
We see the women who walk into his life - Lakshmi (Sneha Kumar), Chilakamma (Brigida Saga), Parvathi (Sai Priyanka Ruth), and Premakumari (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar).

This film is an absolute delight to watch. Parthiban makes every scene worth watching. One thing you can always be sure about when watching his films is that you will never get bored. Throughout every single scene, he is working hard to give a new watching experience to the audience and that is what will make you look forward to this amazing experience. There is no lack of effort anywhere in the film and it makes your watching experience a one to be remembered. The story will be registered in your mind for a long time as the climax is something you can’t predict or expect. 

The screenplay should have been a lot better. The makers chose to go for a single shot pattern for this non-linear narrative. There are a good number of applause-worthy scenes and moments in this film. The characters are well written and you will enjoy their performances to the core. Also, a few actors have been wasted for the kind of characters they played. 

Parthiban has done a great job. He enacted the drama really well. He outdid his performance and dialogue delivery is just a wow. His performance is clap worthy. Varalakshmi Sarathkumar and Robo Shankar are two known faces in the film and their characters should have been a lot stronger and better. 

The captain of the ship has done a good job as a director and actor as well. Though there are certain ups and downs in the story, impressive filmmaking is something that you will get bowled over.

Check out the film's trailer below: 

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