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Kindergarten Cop Where Are They Now? Where Is The Cast Of Kindergarten Cop?

 Kindergarten Cop Where Are They Now: Kindergarten Cop is a 90s action comedy movie starring Arnold Scwarzennger and the movie was very popular when it came out and now people want to know Kindergarten Cop Where Are They Now. Keep reading to know Kindergarten Cop Where Are They Now and more about the movie.

Kindergarten Cop Where Are They Now? Where Is The Cast Of Kindergarten Cop?
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Kindergarten Cop

Kindergarten Cop is an American action-comedy movie that came out in 1990. The movie is distributed by Universal Pictures and stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as the main character John Kimble. He plays a tough police detective who works undercover as a kindergarten teacher to apprehend a drug dealer. While he is in this role, he discovers that he really enjoys teaching and considers a career change. 

Kindergarten Cop Where Are They Now?

In the 1990 film Kindergarten cop, Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as a police officer who goes undercover as a teacher. He naturally is unable to handle his class of six-year-olds and the utter mayhem they cause. The following are the cast members of the show: 

1JosephMiko Hughes
2LarryAdam Wylie
3DominicChristian & Joseph Cousins
4Tina & RinaTiffany & Krystle Mataras
5RosaOdette Annable
6EmmaSarah Rose Karr
7HarveyRoss Malinger
8Kissing BoyJason Reitman
9Detective John KimbleArnold Schwarzenegger

Kindergarten Cop Cast Where Are They Now?

Miko Hughes

Miko Hughes played Joseph in the movie, and he is known for the dialogue, “Boys have a penis, and girls have a vagina.” Since the movie, he has been in a series of movies and TV shows that include Apollo 13 and Full House. He still acts and has a few roles he plans on doing. In 2013, he directed the movie “Chilling Visions: 5 Senses of Fear.” 

Adam Wylie

Adam Wylie is now 30 years old. When he was in the movie, he played Larry. Since he acted in more than 140 movies, including Hey Arnold and The King and I. he has also acted in The Smurfs 2 and Gilmore Girls from 2001 to 2003. 

Christian & Joseph Cousins

Christian & Joseph Cousins are identical twins who played Dominic in the movie. Dominic is the little boy Kimble protects from drug dealers. After the movie, the twins acted in Knots Landing, and they eventually retired from acting in 1995. Joseph is now a stylist, and Christian works as Director of Sales for Orient Express Furniture in California. 

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Tiffany & Krystle Mataras

Tiffany & Krystle Mataras played the role of Tina and Rina in the movie and were some of the most well-known twins in Hollywood at the time. They have been in other 90s films, including Problem Child 2, Single White Female, and Camp Nowhere. They took a break from Hollywood in the 2000s, and they went into business together and created Wasted Cupcakes. 

Odette Annable

Odette Annable played the role of Rosa in the film and spent most of her time confusing him with her Spanish. She is now best known for her role in Cloverfield. She married Dave Annable in 2010. They met when they worked together on Brothers and Sisters. 

Sarah Rose Karr

Sarah Rose Karr played the role of Emma in the movie. She has also acted in Father of the Bride and in the Beethoven films. Since then, though, she has vanished from show business, and no one knows where she is or what she is doing. There were rumours that she graduated from the New University of Florida, but that has not been confirmed.   

Ross Malinger

Ross Malinger did not have a big role in the movie, but he made an impact. Since he was in the movie, he has acted in Suddenly Susan and Party of Five. He is no longer acting and is apparently the general manager of Automotive Legends in Malibu, Calif. 

Jason Reitman

Jason Reitman is the son of Ivan Reitman, the director of the film. Since he acted in the film, he has branched out and has become a writer, producer and actor. He won a Golden Globe for best screenplay for Up in the Air in 2009. He was also nominated for an Oscar for his movie Juno. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an Australian-American actor, film producer and businessman. He started lifting weights when he was fifteen years old, and he won Mr Universe when he was 20. He also won Mr Olympia seven times. He eventually retired from bodybuilding and started acting. He gained fame as an action star.  

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Kindergarten Cop Where Are They Now - FAQs

1. Where is the boy from Kindergarten Cop now?

Wagner, fittingly, is now in the food business, while Wylie is still acting and is also a magician. Schwarzenegger said he received a phone call a few hours before the reunion asking him if he wanted to join. "For 30 years now people have been talking about this movie," he said.

2. Will there be a Kindergarten Cop 3?

There was a Kindergarten cop 3. 

3. Does Kindergarten Cop 2 have Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Kindergarten Cop 2 is a 2016 American direct-to-video comedy film starring Dolph Lundgren and directed by Don Michael Paul. It is a standalone sequel to the 1990 film Kindergarten Cop, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

4. Who played Larry on Kindergarten Cop

Adam Wylie played Larry.

5. What happened to Joseph Cousins?

Now: After 'KC,' the now 31-year-old twins shared a role in 'Knots Landing. ' They retired in 1995. According to Facebook, Joseph (pictured right) is a stylist and Christian works as Director of Sales for Orient Express Furniture in California. 

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