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Prophet Muhammad Remark: Nupur Sharma Moves Supreme Court For Protection From Arrest


Prophet Mohammad Row: Nupur Sharma on Monday approached Supreme Court seeking a stay on her arrests.

New Delhi: Suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma on Monday approached Supreme Court seeking a stay on arrests in connection with the nine FIRs registered against her. Nupur Sharma’s controversial remark against the Prophet Mohammad during a TV debate sparked protests across the country which turned violent. Case was registered against Sharma at several places. 

As per the details uploaded on the apex court’s website, the same bench is scheduled to hear a fresh miscellaneous application of Sharma on Tuesday.

“The Writ Petition above mentioned was dismissed as withdrawn by this Hon’ble Court vide order dated July 1, 2022. ... It is submitted that Ms. Rachitta Rai, Advocate for the Petitioner has on July 9, e-filed an application for clarification of the Order... and for issuance of appropriate directions along with the application for exemption from filing the notarized affidavit,” the office report uploaded on the apex court website said.

“The Miscellaneous Application along with applications above mentioned is listed before the court along with this Office Report..,” it said.

The Supreme Court had recently reprimanded Nupur Sharma saying that her “loose tongue” has “set the country on fire” and that she should apologise. 

"She actually has a loose tongue and has made all kinds of irresponsible statements on TV and set the entire country on fire. Yet, she claims to be a lawyer of 10 years standing... She should have immediately apologised for her comments to the whole country," the court had said.

Sharma has said in her petition that after the unexpected and harsh criticism from the bench in the Supreme Court, the threat to her life has increased, even more, she is being threatened with death and even rape. 

In the petition filed by Nupur Sharma earlier in the Supreme Court, she had also told the fear of life. Along with this, nine FIRs registered in different parts of the country were requested to be heard at one place. Then the Supreme Court had strongly reprimanded Nupur Sharma. The court had said that only you are responsible for the worse situation in the country. 

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