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Sea Beast Voice Actors, Who All Are Behind The Voices Of Sea Beast Cast?

 Sea Beast Voice Actors - The sea beast was a successful movie, that is now available on Netflix a film reaches its perfection not only because of its images but also when the sounds and dialogues used in it are contextualized. No one remembers the voice actors for the characters. So we are here to introduce the Sea Beast Voice Actors. If you want to know who all are the Sea Beast Voice Actors, keep reading the article.

Sea Beast Voice Actors, Who All Are Behind The Voices Of Sea Beast Cast?
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Sea Beast

The Sea Beast is a computer-animated adventure film directed by Chris Williams in 2022. He co-wrote the screenplay with Nell Benjamin and Co-Produced with Jed Schlanger. The film began a limited theatrical release on June 24, 2022, before its debut on Netflix on July 8. It received a lot of positive reviews from critics.

Sea Beast Plot

The Sea Beast is an adventure film set in a period when monsters abound, and sea monster hunters are the superior ones standing in their way. This movie tells the story of a legendary sea monster hunter, Jacob Holland, beloved by all for his heroic efforts. Holland’s life is tossed upside down when a young girl called Maisie Brumble keeps away on his ship and forms an unlikely friendship with a fearsome sea monster. And now, Holland must cooperate with the little girl to journey into unknown waters and face whatever monsters arise. 

Sea Beast Voice Actors List

We listed the actors behind the voice of the characters in the movie The Sea Beast

Sl.NoActor NameCharacter Namer
1Karl UrbanJacob Holland
2Zaris-Angel HatorMaisie Brumble
3Jared HarrisCaptain Crow
4Marianne Jean-BaptisteSarah Sharpe
5Dan StevensAdmiral Hornagold
6Kathy BurkeGwen Batterbie

Sea Beast Voice Cast

Beyond what we see on screen, there will be many people behind it who have worked hard for it. The actors who voiced the characters in this movie were not shown on screen. Here we introduce all the actors who gave voice to the characters of this movie so beautifully.

Karl Urban as Jacob Holland

Karl Urban is a NewZealander who has long had the heart of an adventurer, just like his on-screen replication. He was featured in Xena: Warrior Princess and The Lord of the Rings films early in his career. He also traveled where no man has gone before as Bones in Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, Star Trek Beyond, and the Star Trek video game. Urban has starred in the Riddick film series, as the supposed Judge Dredd in Dredd and Skurge in Thor: Ragnarok. He portrayed Detective John Kennex in the Almost Human series as well. He gained a lot of attention for his performance in The Boys as Billy Butcher, which just premiered a third season on Amazon.

Jacob Holland is one of the most famous sea monster hunters around. Legend says he killed at least four sea beasts in two days. As a young, orphaned boy, he joined Captain Crow’s crew and possessed an inner fire that caught the captain’s eyes. 

Zaris-Angel Hator as Maisie Brumble

 Zaris-Angel Hator has a spark off-screen just as much as her character in The Sea Beast. She obtained her singing and dancing skills for Matilda's part in the same-name musical on the West End. She debuted in the Victoria series's Christmas special as Sarah and later appeared as Young Kate in Black Earth Rising. Lately, she portrayed Sally in the film The Midnight Gang, Sandra Reynolds in Endeavour, and Anna in Morbius. Next, she appears as Sima in The Power TV series.

Maisie Brumble spends nights reading the mythology of the great hunters who came before, Captain Crow and Jacob Holland. She dreams of becoming a hunter of sea beasts like her late parents, and she makes the most of her chance when she holds away on the Inescapable ship.

Jared Harris as Captain Crow

Jared Harris portrayed the role of the late King George VI in the early seasons of 'The Crown' before leading the Inevitable crew in The Sea Beast. He is well known for the movies Fringe, Mad Men, Chornobyl, and The Expanse. You might also recognize him from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, The Riches, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Beast Must Die, The Terror, Foundation, and Carnival Row. He recently appeared in Morbius alongside his Sea Beast co-star, Zaris-Angel Hator.

Captain Crow’s heart beats with a desire for vengeance and parental dignity to see his young ward, Jacob Holland, become the hunter he always knew he could be. But Crow’s investigation for the Red Bluster might push him past the point of no return.

Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Sarah Sharpe

Marianne Jean-Baptiste is well known for the role of Hortense in the 1996 film Secrets & Lies, which won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Since then, she has starred in several series, including Without a Trace, Blindspot, Broadchurch, Homecoming, Training Day, and Soundtrack. You may also notice her from her film performances, including in Mr. Jealousy, Nowhere to Go, How to Make the Cruelest Month, Women in Fim, A Murder of Crows, City of Ember, Don’t Explain, Violet & Daisy, and most recently, Boxing Day.

Sarah Sharpe is the most reliable first mate you’ll ever meet, as far as Maisie is involved. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a sense.

Dan Stevens as Admiral Hornagold

 Dan Stevens is best known for his role as the cursed prince who turned into a beast in the live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. Stevens is known for his work in the Sense & Sensibility mini-series, Summer in February, A Walk Among the Tombstones, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, The Guest, Colossal, and most recently, the TV series Gaslit as John Dean.

Admiral Hornagold controls the Royal Navy and is quite the thorn in Captain Crow’s side. At least he enjoys kissing up to the king and queen.

Kathy Burke as Gwen Batterbie

  Kathy Burke’s humor chops are well established. She also made tides in the 1997 Cannes darling Nil by Mouth. She’s appeared in the films Elizabeth, Sid and Nancy, The Martins, Dancing at Lughnasa, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and Once Upon a Time in the Midlands. She played the role of Magda in the Fabulous series and film.

Gwen Batterbie is someone you do not want to fight. Naming upon this sorceress of untold energy could potentially cost you everything.

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