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Tanushree Dutta Claims Being Harassed And Targeted, Says Won’t Attempt Suicide


Actress Tanushree Dutta has penned a long note on Instagram alleging that she’s being targeted by ‘Bollywood mafia, political circuit, and anti-national elements.’ 

New Delhi: Actress Tanushree Dutta, who started the Me-Too movement in the Indian film industry in 2018, has penned a long note on Instagram alleging that she’s being targeted by ‘Bollywood mafia, political circuit, and anti-national elements.’ 

In her post, the actress said that she ‘barely escaped death’ after some recent incidents, but was not going anywhere. She also said that attempts are being made to push her towards ‘committing suicide’. 

In her post, she wrote, “I'm being harassed & targeted very badly. Please someone do something!! First it was my bollywood work being sabotaged last one year, then a maid was planted to douse my drinking water with medications & steroids which caused all kinds of severe health problems, then when I escaped to Ujjain in May my vehicle brakes tampered twice & accident. I barely escaped death & returned mumbai after 40 days to resume normal life & work. Now strange disgusting stuff in my building outside my flat. I'm not going to commit suicide for sure yeh kaan kholkar sun lo sab log!! Nor am I leaving & going anywhere. I'm here to stay & resurrect my public career to greater heights than ever before! The Bollywood Mafia, the old political circuit of Maharashtra ( which still has influence here) and nefarious anti - national criminal elements together usually operate like this to trouble people. I'm very sure the #metoo culprits & the NGO who I exposed are behind all this because why else would I be targeted & harassed like this??”

The actress wrote that discussing some topics on her Instagram has ‘rubbed off some people the wrong way.’ She also asked for a President’s rule in Maharashtra. 

“I know a lot of people will try to dismiss me but I've been posting updates on insta for a long time. It's severe mental, physical & psychological harassment. What kind of place is this where young boys & girls can just be harassed and killed for standing against injustice?? I wish presidents rule & military rule to be established in Maharashtra & central govt exerting total controle over ground level matters too. Things are really going out of hand here. Regular folks like me are suffering. Something drastic has to happen here. Today it's me tomorrow it can be you also. I think me discussing some topics on my instagram lately has really rubbed off some people the wrong way. All the rumors must be true if someone like me who is not even connected to stuff is being targeted like this. I will deepen my spiritual sadhana more despite all this & strengthen my spirit furthur. I also really want to focus on the new business/ work opportunities im getting and start fresh in life. No law and order in this city anymore! Used to be a safe haven always for artists & single women,” she wrote in the post. 

In 2018, Tanushree had accused actor Nana Patekar of sexual harassment and getting too close to her, while shooting for a song for the 2008 film ‘Horn Ok Please’.  

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