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मिस यूनिवर्स बनने के 3 महीने बाद मोटी हुई हरनाज संधू, देखा चौंकाने वाला बदलाव?


Harnaaz Sandhu illuminated the name of India worldwide by winning the title of Miss Universe 2021. When Harnaaz was crowned Miss Universe, the whole of India was in awe. Fans were heartbroken over Harnaaz’s beauty and fitness.

But everyone was surprised when Harnaaz’s look changed only after 3 months of winning the Miss Universe crown. Harnaaz had put on a lot of weight put on only a few months after becoming Miss Universe. Due to the weight gain, Harnaaz was trolled and body shamed a lot at that time.

But Harnaaz is a fighter. She did not let the trolling of people lower her confidence, instead she has now given a befitting reply to the haters by reducing her weight. Yes, Harnaaz has once again become fit with fat.

Seeing the glamorous style and toned figure of Harnaaz in the new pictures, the fans are flocking to her. Harnaaz’s fan following is increasing with every passing day. She is becoming the inspiration of young girls in the fashion world.

Seeing the new pictures of Harnaaz Sandhu, you too will not be able to stop yourself from praising her. Harnaaz has once again become quite fit. Harnaaz can be seen flaunting her toned figure in body hugging dresses.

All the looks of Harnaaz are super gorgeous and glamorous. Harnaaz’s makeup and hairstyle are also on point with sizzling dresses. Fans are quite impressed with Harnaaz’s transformation in the new pictures. They are not tired of praising her.

These new glamorous pictures of Harnaaz’s transformation are giving a befitting reply to her haters. Discussions about the beauty of Harnaaz are happening in full swing.

Harnaaz is the best example of beauty without brain. Harnaaz’s fashion sense, style statement, intelligence and witty response are not only in the country, but people from all over the world are fascinated. Harnaaz gets a lot of love from the fans.

Talking about Harnaz’s transformation, it is also necessary to tell you why her weight had increased? Giving a befitting reply to the trolls in a press conference, Harnaaz had said – I respect my body. I have celiac disease. People don’t know that I am allergic to gluten. I like to do stigma breaks. Harnaaz had clearly told people that the reason for her weight gain was Celiac disease.

Harnaaz has now once again got herself in shape. Seeing Harnaaz’s fitness and glamorous style in the new pictures, those trolling her have also become her fans. What is your opinion about Harnaaz’s look?

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