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कलाकार मोना पटेल ने अपने आगामी गीत, 'होप टू हील' के बारे में बात की

 Artist Mona

Australian singer, Mona Patel, who is best known for her tracks ‘Dream Guy’ and ‘Take Me Home’ is an artist that is redefining the Pop genre with her unique production skills and lyrical tenacity. Mona is best known for her music being catchy, but her latest new track is one which makes her raw and relatable. Having traveled extensively all over the world, living in both Mumbai and Perth over the last few years, the singer is using her transglobal experience to raise her space.

Patel’s powerful, hypnotic vocals in her latest single ‘Hope to Heal’, recorded all in one vocal take, culminate in a mesmerizing track which lyrically conveys the need for the world to ‘heal from all the pain.’

What Mona does well, is truly understand the art of story-telling, which is conveyed beautifully in the song with the lyric line ‘grab your jumper and hold it tight, as it gets you right through the night, telling yourself it’s fine’ Her strengths are apparent through the songwriting in this track, and combined with powerful vocal delivery really paints a visual story worth listening to and appreciating as an audience.

Mona’s background in human rights and commercial law, has afforded the Singer the ability to navigate the music industry’s difficult world of contracts and legalities, and understanding her rights as a musical artist. Her vision for her music and its impact has always been clear. “All I want to do is make people feel alive, the same way I do when I hear a really great song” say’s Mona.

Mona explains “I just wanted to write a song of hope, and communicate a message of healing. My aim was to transcend the listener into my world, and let them hear my thoughts and feel my emotions through my music. The world has been in such incredible turmoil in the past two years, and this song was my way of allowing the listener to understand and empathize with that perspective”

The singer’s background of study in Music Production and Jazz Contemporary vocals has aided her immensely in creating a captivating amalgamation of synths, pop and beautifully blended strings instruments in the song’s production.

The string instruments she has implemented; the violin, viola, cello and double bass, have all been recorded live in studio, and arranged expertly with harmonies to suit and blend along with the vocal line. As a child it has always been Mona’s dream to write and share her stories with the world through her music, and she is certainly on an unstoppable journey to attain this.

The song ‘Hope to Heal’ reveals a side of Mona unseen until now. The song is both passionate, and raw, all the while holding a powerful message which the world needs to take note of.

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