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अजूनी अभिनेत्री आयुषी खुराना ने शो में अपने 'बेहद सकारात्मक और दृढ़' चरित्र के बारे में बात की

 Ayushi Khurana talks about her positive and bubbly character in new show Ajooni.

Ayushi on playing lead
Ajooni actress Ayushi Khurana opens up on her ‘immensely positive & determined’ character in the show

Ayushi is prepared to portray her first lead role on television with a fervour and enthusiasm. The actress opens up about her bubbly character ‘Ajooni’ and shares details of her role. She professes to be incredibly thrilled about her new endeavour. She also stated that they had a great experience filming the show because everyone imbibed only positivity while shooting, and hence the entire experience was incredible and fantastic for her.

Talking about her character, Ayushi shared, “Firstly, I feel that it’s an amazing character to play on screen for me because ‘Ajooni’ is a very bubbly girl who’s full of life and is only devoted to spreading happiness. Every character comes on with their own persona and so does Ajooni in this show. She is a very positive girl who never fails to take a stand for anything that goes wrong around her. She is a very doting girl who unconditionally takes care of her family and makes sure that they are always happy.”

She further shared, “The most special part of the character Ajooni is that she strives hard to fight all the battles that life throws at her with immense positivity and determination which you’ll clearly witness as the show continues. She is willing to endure and sacrifice her own happiness for others and thinks about them selflessly. I’m overwhelmed to play this character as Ajooni inculcated all the morals and values that her parents have taught her which is quite rare these days.“  It has been a tremendously amazing experience for her. The environment was so real and authentic and this has been a very blissful moment for Ayushi as she imbibed positive energies only while she comes up with her first pragmatic lead role.  The character that she is playing also resembles the personality that she carries in herself. She also feels that she had never played such a bubbly character before.

About the show

Hoshiarpur, in Punjab, plays a vital role in the show ‘Ajooni’. The main character in Ajooni is a young woman from a middle-class household who is quite straightforward. Rajveer, who is portrayed by Shoaib Ibrahim, is an educated Punjabi man and an obstinate son. He doesn't pay attention to anyone in front of him and enjoys the little things in life. In such a case, it will be entertaining to witness what unfolds when the naive gullible Ajooni and the spoiled, unyielding Rajveer come face to face with each other.

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