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Cyberabad police crack double-murder case - Hyderabad News

 Hyderabad, Aug 12 (IANS) Cyberabad police have cracked the mystery behind the murder of two migrant workers from Jharkhand.

Cyberabad police crack double-murder case - Hyderabad News

A man, also from Jharkhand, has been arrested for killing the duo during a fight over returning home. After the murder, the accused thought of committing suicide and switched on two cooking gas cylinders and lit the fire but got scared on seeing the flames and jumped out from a window.

The case was initially suspected to be an accidental gas leak, but after 17 days of probe the police arrested the accused -- Bhuvaneswar Singh.

The incident occurred on July 26 on the first floor of a three-storied building at Ram Reddy Nagar under Jeedimetla police station of Cyberabad Police Commissionerate.

Locals had heard a loud explosion in the flat with smoke and fire. After fire tenders rushed there to put out the flames, police recovered two bodies. They were identified as Beerender Kumar Singh (27) and Ibadath Ansari (37).

Bhuvaneswar Singh, Imamuddin and Kaleemuddin had jumped out of the windows to save themselves from the fire.

After the autopsy reports, which revealed injury marks on the bodies, police suspected foul play and began questioning the survivors. The subsequent investigation revealed the shocking details.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Gangaram said Bhuvwaneswar Singh was arrested from the house of his relatives in Jharkhand, where he was hiding. During questioning by police, he confessed to the crime.

Beerander Kumar was working in an industry in Jeedimetla. Last month, he visited his home state and brought nine workers from there. He took them to a factory for employment. However, only five of them were selected. He took the remaining four to his rented house.

Bhuvaneswar wanted to return home but Beerander Kumar insisted that he stay back. There was a fight between the two over the issue in the presence of three others. Imamuddin and Kaleemuddin later went into another room and locked it from inside.

The police investigation revealed that amid the heated argument, Bhuvaneswar lost his cool and hit Beerander Kumar on his head with a wooden log. When Ibadath Ansari tried to intervene, Bhuvaneswar also thrashed him indiscriminately. Both Beerander Kumar and Ansari died in the fight.

Bhuvaneswar told the police that he thought of committing suicide. He switched on two gas cylinders in the kitchen and lit the fire. Terrified by the loud explosion and leaping flames, he jumped out of the window. Imamuddin and Kaleemuddin also jumped out from the window of their room.

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