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Lioness gives birth to cub in Etawah Lion Safari - Etawah News

Etawah, Aug 12 (IANS) A lioness in the Etawah Lion Safari has given birth to a cub.
Lioness gives birth to cub in Etawah Lion Safari - Etawah News

The lioness named Jenifer gave birth to a cub on the occasion of World Lion Day, on Wednesday around midnight.

Deputy Director of the Safari Park, Arun Kumar Singh said on Friday that the lioness and her cub are healthy.

The total number of cubs born in the Safari Park has now reached 10. The total number of lions and lionesses in the Safari has reached 18.

Simba, Sultan, Bahubali, Kesari, Bharat, Sona, Neerja and Gargi are other cubs, who were born in the Safari Park.

Singh said that the lioness has been kept separately in the breeding centre and no one is yet allowed to go there.

He said that the lioness had given up food a day ago and she is being monitored by CCTV cameras.

He said that it will become clear after five days whether the new born cub is male or female.

There was gloom among the Safari staff after the death of lion Manan, on June 13. Manan played an important role in the breeding centre of the Safari.

Later, lioness Jennifer and Jessica got pregnant from lion Kanha and both the lionesses were kept in separate breeding centres and were being monitored continuously.

Manan, Jessica and Jenifer were brought from Gir in Gujarat.

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