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Youtube Embed Autoplay Not Working 2022, How to Fix Youtube Embed Autoplay Not Working 2022?

 Youtube Embed Autoplay Not Working 2022: For a few days now, users from Youtube have reported Youtube Embed Autoplay Not Working 2022. So, in this article, we have compiled the possible fixes for Youtube Embed Autoplay Not Working 2022. With that being said, let’s begin with the possible fixes for Youtube Embed Autoplay Not Working 2022.

Youtube Embed Autoplay Not Working 2022, How to Fix Youtube Embed Autoplay Not Working 2022?

What is YouTube?

Youtube is a video streaming and video sharing platform where players are allowed to upload their videos, comments, and their opinions. To creators, Youtube serves as a medium to monetize their thoughts and content. A Youtube service can be accessed on Androids, Android TV, Laptops, iPhones, and its products. Youtube was originally created in the year 2005. Currently, this app has around 6 billion hours of video per month. On average, there are around 100 hours of videos uploaded to Youtube every minute. Youtube has a broader purpose; some see content related to motivation, some see cook tutorials or tutorials that could help the student perform well in their exams, and some use it as entertainment. 

Youtube Embed Autoplay Not Working 2022

Youtube is definitely a platform that is loved by many individuals globally. Recently people have had issues with Youtube Embed Autoplay as it is not working correctly. Sady many users are facing the same issue; chances are you might also be facing the same issue. However, the solution for Youtube Embed Autoplay is not working is finally here. If you are facing the similar issue, don’t worry; we have covered the possible fix in the upcoming passages, have a good read.

Youtube Embed Autoplay Not Working On Mobile

Many users have reported their issues regarding Youtube Embed Autoplay not working for Mobile. You might be puzzled if the issue is from your side or the developer’s side. Well, the fact in this feature is not enabled on iOS and on Android devices. The main reason why this feature is disabled is to save money for mobile users. Also, we have compiled the maximum fixes for Youtube Embed Autoplay not working issue for 2022.

How to Fix Youtube Embed Autoplay Not Working Issue?

Fix 1: Basic Troubleshooting

Try Restarting Your PC

  • Navigate to your Start Menu.

  • Now proceed to select the power icon.

  • You might see the ‘Restart’ option next to ‘Shut down’ click it.

Try Restarting Your Browser

  • Now you need to launch Task Managed by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc simultaneously.

  • Now in the ‘Processes’ tab, go ahead and select your browser.

  • Now click on ‘End Task.’

  • Now try re-launching your Google Chrome and check if the issue is fixed.  

Try Restarting Router

  • You can find your ‘Power’ button at the back of the router.

  • You can press the button to turn it off.

  • Now proceed to disconnect your Router power cable, and patiently wait till your power is entirely drained from the capacitors.

  • After a minute or so, reconnect your power cable and maybe try switching it on.

  • Now, wait till the network connection is re-established and try to sign in again.

Fix 2: Try Clearing Browser Cache & Cookies

  • Press the Win key and type ‘Googl Chrome, ’ and proceed to open it.

  • Now click on the three-dotted icons and click on more tools.

  • Now proceed to Clear Browsing Data.

  • Under that check, ‘Cookies and other site data’ and ‘Cached images and files.’

  • And now choose the All Time option for the time range.

  • As the last step, click on Clear Data.

Fix 3: Try Disabling Extensions

  • To do so, you need to launch chrome and then proceed to type chrome://extensions, and you’ll get all the installed extensions.

  • Now Switch off the toggle for the required extension.

  • Now try to refresh your browser and check if the error still persists.

  • Now repeat the steps mentioned above to disable the extensions one by one to re-check if the error is gone or not.

Fix 4: Try Tweaking Autoplay Settings

  • Initially, open your default Web Browser.

  • Now launch YouTube in your default web browser and proceed to click any random video from your home feed.

  • Now try toggling on and off the AutoPlay, which is present at the bottom of your video and is highlighted.

  • Proceed to click on Settings at the right of Autoplay.

  • Now try toggling on the AutoPlay feature/button.

  • Now it is time to click on your profile present in the top-right corner of your screen.

  • Now click on the ‘Sign-Out’ option.

  • Again sign in using your credentials and re-check if the error still pursues.

Fix 5: Try Tweaking DRM Settings (If you are a Mozilla Firefox user)

  • Launch Firefox, type ‘about:config’ in the address bar, and press the Enter key.

  • Now proceed to click ‘Accept The Risk And Continue.’

  • Now, type media.eme.enabled, which is presented in the Search preference name.

  • Now proceed to click on the arrow keys, which are visible in the right corner.

  • Now change the setting to false.

  • Do the same by typing media.gmp-widevinecdm.enabled.

Fix 6: Try Removing Videos From The Playlist

  • Try launching your web browser from the windows search menu.

  • Now launch Youtube on the browser.

  • Next step, click on Show More and click on any random playlists.

  • Now click on the three-dotted icon, which is presented in the right corner.

  • Now head over to remove from my playlists.

  • Now repeat the same steps to remove the videos from your playlists.

Fix 7: Now Allow Audio And Video Autoplay Settings ( Only For Mozilla Firefox Users)

  • After launching Firefox, head on to the three-dotted lines.

  • Now click on the settings.

  • Now, click on Privacy&Security, which is present on the left pane.

  • Now scroll down to Permission which is visible at the right pane. And proceed to click on the Settings button present at the right of Autoplay.

  • Inside Setting, head to Autoplay WIndow and set it to Allow Audio And Video.

  • Now tap on Save Changes and proceed to exit the windows.

  • If you still face issues, then type ‘about:config’ in the address bar.

  • Now proceed to click on the ‘Accept The Risk And Continue’ button.

  • Now here, type media.autoplay.blocking_policy, with that process, proceed to click on the write key.

  • Now change the value to 1.

  • Now type media.block-autoplay-until-in-foreground in the search preference field.

  • Now head over to click the arrow key at the right corner to change the settings to ‘false.’

Fix 8: Try Updating Web Browser (For Chrome Users)

  • Try opening your web browser as a first step.

  • Now head over to click on the Settings menu.

  • Head to select Help>About Google Chrome.

  • Now allow Google Chrome to search for any latest updates.

  • If there’s an update that you have missed, then try to update it as soon as you can.

Fix 9: Try Resting Web Browser

  • Now open your browser and go to settings > reset.

  • Now click on ‘Restore settings to their original defaults.’

  • You can now confirm your action by just clicking on the reset settings.

Fix 10: Try Switching To Another Browser

If you are using chrome, then we advise you to try switching to Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. If you feel like none of those as mentioned earlier fixes helped you, then this might be the last fix that may work for you then.

YouTube Shorts Monetization Policy

If you have thoughts to monetize your YouTube channel, you must adhere to YouTube's monetization policies. The Community Guidelines, The Terms of Service, The Copyright, and The Google AdSense programme policies are among them. They apply to everyone who is a member of the YouTube Partner Program, earning Shorts bonuses from the YouTube Shorts Fund, or is thinking about joining. If you wish to monetize your films with adverts, they must follow our Advertiser-Friendly Content Guidelines.

Youtube Shorts Not Showing On PC

Usually, Youtube shorts are available for smartphones alone, as shorts are still in a Beta version. However, we learned a totally legal shortcut to play Youtube shorts from your PC, Computer, or Laptop devices:

  • Log in to your Youtube

  • On the search bar, type #shorts

  • Click on the blue hashtag shown in the first result.

  • Proceed to click any video from the results.

  • On your Youtube page, delete the (watch?v=) and type /shorts/

  • Press enter, and now you can scroll down through Youtube shorts from your computer.

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