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CM Eknath Shinde Breaks Down While Remembering His Children's Demise In His First Speech At Assembly


Eknath Shinde choked up as he described what he said were threats to his family as a result of his mutiny.

Eknath Shinde broke down in an emotional statement in the Maharashtra assembly today, his first as Chief Minister following an easy trust vote victory, news agency ANI reported.

Eknath Shinde choked up as he described what he said were threats to his family as a result of his mutiny.

Addressing the Assembly, Shinde said, "I thank Devendra Fadnavis ji for giving me a chance to work as a minister in the previous government... I could work on Samruddhi Mahamarg project. He was to give the Deputy CM post to Shiv Sena also in 2019."

"We are Shivsainiks and we will always be Shivsainiks of Balasaheb and Anand Dighe. I want to remind you who was there and who got Balasaheb's voting banned for six years," the Maharashtra Chief Minister was quoted by ANI in its report.

"Initially, I was supposed to be made the Chief Minister in the MVA government... But later Ajit Dada (Ajit Pawar) or someone said that I should not be made the Chief Minister. I had no problem and I told Uddhav ji to go ahead, and that I was with him. I never eyed that post," Shinde said.

Referring to his children's demise, CM Shinde said, "They attacked my father is alive, my mother died. i could not give much time to my parents. they would be asleep when i came and would go to work when i slept. i could not give much time to my son shrikant. my two children died - at the time, anand dighe consoled me. i used to think, what is there to live for? i will stay with my family."

Maharashtra CM Shinde Wins Floor Test

On the final day of the two-day special session of the state legislature, Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde passed the key floor test. The motion of confidence was supported by 164 members of the 288-member parliament, while it was opposed by 99.

Three lawmakers did not vote, while 21 legislators were absent, including Congress members Ashok Chavan and Vijay Wadettiwar.

On Monday, Sanjay Raut questioned the legitimacy of the part led by Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, claiming that the Shinde group cannot claim to be the original Sena.

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